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Why Does my Child Behave this Way?


Hi guys, hope you good. So, have you ever seen a child banging their head against the wall, and you wondered why 😮 or seen them engaging in other self-injurious behaviour that left you dismayed? Or, wondered why autistic children are told to avoid sugar and gluten-laced products?

Well, in the video above, I share information about managing behaviour in special needs children, which will help us be informed; whether you are raising a special needs child or not. Because truth is, we have friends, relatives, colleagues and even neighbors who are raising a child with disability, and it doesn’t hurt to also be knowledgeable about issues surrounding special needs children.

So watch this video and share it with your networks, and let’s all learn together as we navigate this parenting journey. Also remember to hit the subscribe button when you’re on the You Tube channel so that you can be getting notified whenever I put up a new video 🙂

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