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How to Teach a Special Needs Child to Dress up and Tie Shoelaces


Hi guys, so I usually attend different events that touch on raising children, because not only do I want to keep myself informed, but also because I often get many questions from you my readers about different facets of parenting and whose answers I may not always necessarily know, so I go for these events to learn, then come back and share the information with you 🙂

So that’s the case with the training I attended that was particularly tailored for nannies and caregivers who are raising children with special needs. Here’s the first part I did of that. By the way even though you may not be raising a special needs child in your home, the information is nevertheless very helpful to you because you may have a family member, relative, neighbor, colleague or friend who is, and so your knowledge could really help them too because ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ 🙂

This video is a continuation of this one that I did before, and it talks about teaching a special needs child how to dress up and tie their laces. Quite insightful!

Share the link with your networks -you just may never know who is looking for this kind of information.

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