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“Our Marriage was not Meant to Work, Particularly because we Came from Different Tribes” –Dr. Joyce Banda

photo courtesy: Dr. Joyce Banda Facebook

Hi guys, Dr. Joyce Banda is a former president of Malawi (2012 – 2014); the country’s first female President. Today, on her wedding anniversary, she’s shared such an inspirational message that I’d like to share here with you. Published on Dr. Joyce Banda Facebook page, it’s a message that made me have a warm and fuzzy feeling in my heart, and perhaps it will do the same for you too 🙂 . She says:

On this day 35 years ago, Richard Banda and I got married. My mother gave us six months. So did many people in society. It was a marriage that was not meant to work, particularly because we came from two tribes with deep rooted traditions around marriage. In those days the two tribes did not get married, if they could help it.


A year later on the very same day, 23rd January, our daughter Kambe was born. We have been blessed with a happy large blended family. God has blessed us with nine young men and women, our children, our achievers.


Today I want to thank God for giving me a friend, a brother, but most importantly an anchor who had stood by me through thick and thin.


Together we are forever grateful to our friends who made our journey extremely extraordinary. May God bless you all.

Awwwww, isn’t that just so sweet!!! 🙂

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