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When my Girlfriends Visited Kitty


Last Monday, it being a public holiday, my girl crew decided to pay Kitty and I a visit.

Now, I know every woman has a girl crew, but my girlfriends are just the best. We’re a group of 9 of us, all having met in campus almost a decade and a half ago. When we were fresh-faced innocent teenagers, and we’ve been together through the years, till today when we’re fresh-faced hot funky young women (did you just say a big ’HA’!’?).

We’ve been there for each other through all the ups and downs that characterize the life of many a young woman, and I’m glad to have been surrounded by such lovely women all through the years. And these ladies are full of so much humor and (positive) drama you wouldn’t believe it. Anyone who knows us knows exactly what I’m talking about.

We call ourselves the ‘mkondo wa mwisho mamaz’, and the genesis of that name is a story for another day, a story I will be sure to tell you someday. But the year 2008 has just got to be the most memorable year for us, the year when we literally painted Nairobi (and Mombasa) towns red, we had so much fun together I tell you we were intoxicated by barrels and barrels of the full mwenjoyo.

We also refer ourselves as wanamaresh, and that, dear friends, is a whole different story for yet another day. But it has all do with one crazy ssenga called Aunty Najjat. I’m sure a couple of you have heard about her. Or encountered her. I don’t know if she still operates in this Nairobi as an invited guest to bridal showers, but we had the most dramatic encounter with her in 2008. She a crazy woman that one is I assure you.

Anyway, we spent Monday afternoon together at mine, and one thing is always certain during such times. The stories told usually flow one after another and with such speed, comparable only to a furious waterfall.

Our tales are usually too many, too hilarious and too entertaining. Many of them true, many of them fake, and many of them well…just stories. There are those among us who have the gift of garb and the gift of entertainment. While there are those of us who just enjoy sitting back, listening and laughing it all. And then there are those of us who restore sanity in the group. We’re a mix of different personalities, making us all a perfect blend.

Have a look at some photos from Monday, a day very well spent. (Clearly you can see I’m not a good photographer like Baba Kitty).

I love you girls and thanks -for everything,

Meanwhile, there will be a reunion for State House Girls class of 96′ tomorrow at Carnivore at 3pm, coordinated by Myra Mukulu. Mimi, nitakuwepo. Je wewe?

And to plagiarize Jeff Koinange, ‘SPREAD THE WORD’ because it will be SMMMMMOOKIN! Aaiihhh Jeff na yeye surely!



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  1. Hahaha Maryanne.. lovely that u guys are still tight after all those years.. kesho tuko pale… indeed I can’t wait… ooooooh my goodness… good grief!


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