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What Will your Children Remember About You? One Mom’s Sentiments 

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Hi friends. Today, I share the sentiments of a 34-year-old mom, who is raising her two children in Nairobi. As I read her sentiments about her life as a mom, they resonated so well with me. And I thought; as we raise our children, no matter the circumstances we find ourselves in, let’s purpose to spend enough quality time with them and make precious memories together. Read her sentiments below.

“Raising kids as a single parent is one of the toughest things you can ever do. You worry about the kids alone, you provide for them alone, you take them out to have fun alone. You make the hard life choices alone.

At the same time, you get unsolicited advice from everywhere. Plus the judging eyes. And the endless, prying questions: ‘Why are you single?’ Where is the father?’

“What happened between you and baby daddy? Is the father paying child support? Are you dating again? Are you planning on getting more kids? What will you tell your child about why they don’t have a father? Are you providing enough for your child?” -Questions society asks

But I have grown with my kids. My first born –he was an ‘oops’ baby who I got in my early twenties. I was so scared! Somewhere along the way, his father left, even before baby had hit his first birthday.

Then, the uncertain 20-something year old mum was so nervous and driven by her fears. I was afraid that I had messed up my future, that I would never be the career woman I had hoped I would be. But now, in my 30’s, I’m driven by hope and big dreams. I’ve learnt that I’m tougher than I look or sound.

I got my second child –my daughter at the age of 32 years. She was a planned baby and I’m enjoying every bit of parenting her.

What I Continue to Learn

Each day, I realize that children add on to your life and make you a better person. Kids humanize you. To me, they are my heartbeats. To my son and daughter, I am their sun in the sky. The mom in shining armour.

Make Memories

Love your children, because soon they shall leave you to go start their own lives. Time whizzes by so fast, you sit down and wonder where it all went. This is where memories come in. Make as many precious memories with them, sing with them in the car, act goofy. These are the things they shall remember you by. They shall grow up to be the best versions of themselves.” -END

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