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Toto Wraps – The Stylish, Comfy Baby Carriers


How do you carry your baby when moving around? In your hands? Or on your back wrapped in a lesso like the way our mothers did – like many African moms still do? Or in a baby carrier like many modern moms do? Or in a Toto wrap?

Toto Wraps are safe, unique, stylish adjustable baby carriers. Made of 100% pure organic cotton, the wraps are soft and sturdy carriers that provide great support and comfort for both baby and mom.

Here are some of the Toto Wraps

The Organic Stretchy Wrap


  • The weight can carry a newborn – 13kg’s (+ / – 2kg’s) depending on the wearer’s stature.
  • Size 6 (5 – 5.5 metres)
  • It allows you to carry baby at the front in ‘kangaroo’ style.    This style makes baby feel warm and safe while in the wrap, enhancing the bond and attachment between mom and baby. The baby can actually feel mom’s heartbeat!
  • The baby remains snug in a kissable visible position. You can also cradle hold, hug and old, as well as talk to baby while wearing the wrap.
  • You can breastfeed while carrying baby. It actually helps stimulate milk production for the mom who wears this carrier at the front.
  • It also helps calm cranky and colicky babies as they feel warm and safe inside the wrap.
  • The calming environment it gives while carrying baby can help reduce postpartum depression.
  • It is adjustable and stylish, with the fabric being organic stretchy with African prints.
  • Price: Ksh 2,000

This is another colourful design, the Organic Stretchy Colorful African Panel.


It’s features are similar to the one above, as it also allows you to carry baby in a ‘kangaroo’ style which helps you keep baby as close to you as possible. When baby is awake, he can touch you and feel your face, smile at you and engage you in chit-chat, enhancing the bond between the two of you.

The Toto Ring Sling Baby Carrier


Its features include the following:

  • Made from rich African fabrics, such as Ankara, Kitenge, Kikoy, Kanga and Maasai shuka.
  • It has a pair of either nylon or aluminium rings.
  • It’s easy to wear, you just tie the sling and wear baby across, then adjust appropriately. And the rings are safe and do hold well and securely.
  • It is light and folds easily – you can slip it inside your bag and take it out when you need it.
  • It can carry a newborn to a child who weighs 13 kgs.

The Toto Woven Kikoy Front Carry


This one is sturdy, and is great for front, hip or rucksack carry. It really feels good to have your hands free whilst baby is snuggled up close to you.

The Water/Mesh Toto Wraps

  • 100% polyester jersey .breath-able fabric with just the right amount of stretch
  • The fabric feels like a lightweight, silky swimsuit which keeps it light in the water & dries very quickly.
  • Wear baby in the shower, at the beach, at the water-park or in the pool.
  • This especially comes in handy for keeping your hands free to play with or help older children in the water!
  • Can even be used as a sporty, everyday wrap!
  • Age suitability Newborn – 13 kgs.
  • A must have for the summer!

For those attending baby showers, I think a Toto Wrap would be a good baby shower gift, or you can buy it for a new mom when you go visit her. And you need not worry; all wraps come with a manual with clear instructions. It might take two or three tries for you to get it, but once you do, it will be a smooth sail. There is a very helpful team of people at Toto Wrap who ensure that you leave knowing how to wrap baby.

Contact Lia Efatha on 0717 993 884 or email: totowraps@gmail.com

Deliveries / courier / shipping can be organized upon request.

Find Toto Wraps on Facebook.



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