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Kitty has Been Learning how to Pray…


So I’ve been teaching my boy Kitty how to pray. We do so just before he retires to bed, and this is how we do it. I say:

Jesus Christ,

Thank you for daddy,

Thank you for mummy,

Thank you for Aunty,

Thank you for Kitty,

Thank you for baby Ello,

In Jesus name we pray,


For about 3 months, we’ve been praying this way, and every so often I tell him to repeat each sentence after me. And after much practice, I recently felt that he was ready to say the prayer by his own.

So about two weeks ago I asked him to pray on his own without any assistance from me. And this is how he prayed:

Jiza Krait,

Tek u to daddy,

Tek you to shrek (one of his toys),

Tek you to mummy (then he looked up at me),

Tek you to banana (because his dad was having dinner and there was a banana on the table),

Then he looked around…

Tek you to remote,

Tek you to daddy,

Tek you to donkey (another of his toy),

Tek you to baby Ello,

Still looking around…

Tek you to Royco (coz there was an empty tub of Royco which he’d been playing with)

Tek you to Kitty,

Looking around and beginning to play with mummy’s hair

Tek you to nywele ya mum

Now walking around….

Tek you to gazetti

Tek you to Aunty

Tek you to daddy

Tek you to TV….

So after around 5 minutes of this prayer, I came in and helped him complete it otherwise we’d have been at it till the cows would have left home the following morning. Since then, I’ve been asking him to lead us in prayer just before he goes to bed, and everyday the thank you’s have been changing as he looks around his environment and whatever he lays his eyes or hands on, he gives thanks for it.

That’s my lovely little boy. So proud of him. :) :)














So these praying episodes have been reminding me of this verse:

Proverbs 22:6 – “Train up a child in the way he should go, even when he is old he will not depart from it.”

Have a blessed day.



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  1. Awww. Sounds like what my own little one says and we always have to step in as the ‘teku’s’ are everlasting. And that verse you quoted is my guiding light

  2. Funny coz thats the same thing my little girl does..she’ll mention all her neighbourhood playmates plus the pets as well as all her cousins and aunties and uncles and granmas and granpas … eventually we have to cut her short and say amen coz it goes on and on and on…wow the little things kids do

  3. wow! that is so nyc…….! Can say those are wonderful and unforgettable moments a parent experiences! Children learn and retain so much that you get amazed – so its important to teach the right things or tiny little things that we often take for granted.

  4. Mary Anne … si am kinda jealous.The best our 3 year old does is to switch off the Telly,sit, cover his face with the hands, on starting the prayer he will peep around through the fingers, calls out my name “mummy” then he talks in soft voice ( language not understood) like he is also praying.I know he will get there.

  5. wow..Maryanne ur doing a great job. I’ll start teaching my girls to pray. they sing sunday school songs kina baby Jesus n it just sounds wow…especially in the morning right outside my bedroom door i guess to wake me up. i hope to make it…God bless n give you more wisdom in this motherhood journey.


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