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Do Mothers Ever Stop Praying?


If there is someone who I know prays a lot, it’s my mum. She dedicates tons of hours each day saying both loud and silent prayers for her children. First thing in the morning when she wakes up, she dedicates her first hour to prayers for her four children, mentioning each of us by name and committing us and our families unto the Lord. And she does the same just before she sleeps at night. And during the day, she keeps praying silently as she goes about her business. Many are the times I have experienced a miraculous breakthrough when I was going through difficult moments, only later on to realize that at that very moment, my mum was down on her knees. I believe my siblings and I are where we are today because of my mum’s fervent prayers, prayers she says from the depths of her heart.

I was discussing this issue with my colleague Mama Natalie, who similarly told me that her mother prays for all her six children. Their firstborn is 41 years old, a grown man with four children, yet their mum still prays for him as though he were a little babe -just as she does with all the others.

It was also interesting to note that Mama Natalie herself prays fervently for her 4 year old daughter Natalie. Mama Natalie, who is currently VERY pregnant (she’s due next week) tells me she’s began praying for her unborn baby right from the moment she discovered she was expecting (just like I did with Kitty). Right now, her prayers have intensified as she awaits the big day. (As I write this, Mama Natalie has just gotten off the phone with her mum. Her mother says she’s been up all night and morning interceding forher safe delivery next week).

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And me too prays a lot for Kitty. I pray for him every single day, every hour and every minute. I put him in God’s hands and ask him to watch over him. I pray that he will follow God’s ways, and that he will prosper in all spheres of his life (In other news, Kitty’s first name is Nawiri –Swahili for prosper).

And so I’ve been analyzing this praying thing by mothers. In this my olden years, my mum still prays for her children the same way she used to pray for us when we were infants. Mama Natalie’s mum prays for all her six children, even now when they are all grown. Mama Natalie prays for her one (and a half children). And now, the way I fervently commit Kitty into the Lord’s hands –I’ve just been wondering -is this something that I’ll do for the rest of his life, even when he’s all grown up and has moved out of my nest and has even created his own family? Do tell me -do mothers ever stop praying for their children?

But why do mothers pray so hard for their children anyway?

Is it because we fear something bad will happen to them? Because most of the times when we’re praying so hard, it’s when we’re asking God to protect them –protect them because we fear something bad might happen to them or what? Are our fervent prayers driven by the fear of the unknown? I’ll be damned if I know the answer to that.

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Maybe it’s because we know of what has happened to other children, to other mothers that we fear that the same might happen to our children. Maybe we pray fervently because we are cognizant of the fact that there is nothing special about us, vis-à-vis what has happened to other mums cannot similarly happen to us.

But you know what? Our lives and those of our children are in God’s hands. The best we can do is put our complete trust in him. And by the way never doubt what God can do.

African Christian woman© Photographer: Poco_bw | Agency: Dreamstime.com

So tell me, do you pray for your kids? And tell me too –do mothers ever stop praying for their children?



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  1. James 5:16 the 2nd part says ….The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.

    You are where you are because your mother prayed for you and her prayer was powerful and effective. It matters not what age you are.


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