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Mummy Tales at Baby Banda


So I attended the Baby Banda fair this past weekend. On Saturday I attended the baby shower session, which was exclusive to women –all the men were humbly kicked out before the session began. The baby shower session was hosted by Anne Ngugi of KTN. Never before have a seen a mass of pregnant women congregated in one place and at the same time than I did that day. I’m talking of about 500 pregnant women in one place at one time, waaaaah!

Anyway, how the baby shower session was carried out is that there were these balloons, which when poked would burst to reveal a piece of paper which contained either a question or a gift. The balloons would be burst by someone selected from the audience by Anne Ngugi of KTN.

From this session, I re-affirmed something I know about we women. We towtally looooooove gifts! The women kept screaming and raising their hands in a bid to catch Anne’s attention when it was time for her to select someone to burst a balloon (kept reminding me of how we used to scream ‘teacher teacher teacher’ when we kids and wanted to answer a question paused by a teacher). And when selected, each woman kept hoping she would pick a balloon that had a gift. The crowd was especially jealous of this woman (her name was Khadija if my memory serves me right) who won the gift of a baby play gym –evidenced by how the crowd woooowed, ooohhhh and aaaawwwwdddd in unison. Me too I definitely wowed with the rest of the women, wishing it was I who had chosen that particular gift.

Anyway, the balloons that had questions had them answered by a team of experts who included paediatrican, a gyanaecologist, a doula (I still need to fully understand what a doula is), a midwife and a reverend. Yes, a reverend. And a male one for that matter.

The host Anne Ngugi I must say was good as she engaged the audience quite well. I especially loved how she kept sharing her personal experiences as a mum. Her motherhood experience is indeed motivational. Incase you don’t know, Anne Ngugi is mother to 7 year old baby girl Angel, who was born with hydrocephalus (Congenital hydrocephalus is a buildup of excess cerebrospinal fluid in the brain at birth. The extra fluid can increase pressure in the baby’s brain, causing brain damage and mental and physical problems. Finding the condition early and treating it quickly can help limit any long-term problems. But long-term effects mostly depend on what caused the fluid buildup, how bad it gets, and how the baby responds to treatment) -WebMD.

Anne Ngugi’s story is what I would otherwise call an ‘eternally inspirational’ one, and you can read it here http://www.standardmedia.co.ke/archives/InsidePage.php?id=1144009393&cid=300.

All in all, the baby shower session was quite informative and educational, especially to the pregnant women. Had I known about this fair last year when I was expecting, I would’ve definitely attended it.

On Sunday, I attended the pregnant women beauty pageant. I will blog about it tomorrow so be sure to check in for that.

Meanwhile, I woke up this morning to the sad news of Professor Wangari Maathai’s passing on last night. That totally killed my mood. I had the opportunity of meeting Wangari when I was in active journalism. She was an exceptional woman, a great environmentalist. She fought a good fight this one. Rest in Peace Wangari Muta Maathai. The trees, the earth and its inhabitants will miss you. RIP.



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