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How to Choose a Good Pram for Your Baby


At Mummy Tales, we love featuring stories of moms, who always have helpful pieces of advice to share with us –based on their own personal experiences. There is always something new to learn from the next mom. So today, we hear from Kenyan-born Ann Wanjiku, who is now raising her family in Germany. Ann is a regular guest writer here, who’s been sharing her motherhood experiences as she raises her son in the diaspora. Today, she tells us about going out and about with a baby in Germany.

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Ann in winter :)
Ann in winter 🙂

“One thing I learnt as a mom in Germany is that one has to take their baby everywhere with them. Why do I say so? Since most of us don’t have house girls like we do back home in Kenya, you will as a mother have to take your baby with you everywhere you go. And it is for this reason there are different types of carrying/strapping/travel baby accessories to help you do so. But how does one choose exactly what to use? Here are some helpful guides:

City or Woods?

You need to evaluate your needs before purchasing a pram/stroller. For example, there are prams which are suitable for the city, a place that has pavements. The city prams usually have small tyres and they are also smaller in size.

A path leading to the woods.
A path leading to the woods.

Then there are other prams that are specific to unpaved areas or the woods where you can take a walk with baby. The prams suitable for the woods usually have bigger tyres that mostly can be filled with air just like bicyle tyres. They are better cushioned and the ride isn’t bumpy for the baby. These prams can also be pushed when one is jogging or they can be attatched to the bicyle so the a parent can take their baby with them during cycling excursions.

The Storage

Your decision is also influenced by the amount of storage space under the pram. This is important because one also uses it for groceries shopping.


A carrier.
A carrier.

Durable and Light

Since the pram will likely be used for at least three years, it has to be of a good quality, durable and light. This will ultimately determine how much you are willing to spend on the pram.

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Is it Foldable?

A good pram should also be foldable and not occupy a lot of space in the boot. For some people who plan on having more than one child, the pram should have the possibility of attaching a kiddie board so that a parent can push the baby in the pram and at the same time toddler, who’ll be standing on the kiddie board.

A joggerpram.
A joggerpram.

How about Wraps?

Some parents decide that they want to carry their babies. For this purpose, there are different types of baby wrappers. There are some wrappers that are like khangas or leso for carrying the babies, just like how it‘s done in Kenya. Then there are special baby carriers that are like rucksacks and one carry the baby in-front or on their back and one can use buckles to fasten the baby.

Ann carrying her son along the streets of Germany.
Ann carrying her son along the streets of Germany.

For me this method was the best for short distances/walks that did not involve shopping before my baby became heavier and thus I had switch to using the pram.

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So that’s Ann’s experience. How about you? How did you carry your baby?

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