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Breastfeeding in Kenya: My Breastfeeding Experience that made me Quit my Job


Sophia Muthoni is a first-time mom to her beautiful eight-month old daughter Maya Wanjiku. Sophia quit her job as a journalist to be a stay-at-home mom. You can read more about that in this post: “I’ve Taken a Career Break to Focus on my Baby”. Today, Sophia offers us a little snippet of how her breastfeeding experience with Maya was, and which contributed to her decision to resign from her media job.

Breastfeeding has been quite a journey for me. For starters, I’m thankful that my breast milk supply was good from the very start and I didn’t have to wait for days for it to start flowing after she was born. However, I was soon to face my biggest challenge -getting baby to latch properly. It wasn’t easy, but eventually, after several tries, we both got the hang of it and learnt what positions were most comfortable for Maya and I.

Sophia's daughter, Maya
Sophia’s daughter, Maya

I’m grateful that I was able to exclusively breastfeed my daughter for the recommended six months, though I must admit that it came with lots of sacrifice on my part. One of the things that helped is that I started expressing breast milk early and storing it in the freezer during my maternity leave. This was good because by the time I was returning to work, I had quite some stock.

However, Maya finished the entire stock within two weeks of my return to work! I had to introduce her to formula which she ended up hating. That put me between a rock and a hard place because I couldn’t keep up with her demand. I would express before going to work and also when I came home late in the afternoon, but that was barely enough for her. I therefore made the decision to resign from my job and stay home to ensure my baby got the best. It is one of the best decisions I’ve made as a mother, I must say!”

Sophia and her husband Evan
Sophia and her husband Evan

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