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The Steps I’m Taking to Secure my Future: Lucy Njenga


Lucy Wanjiku Njenga is a 26 year-old mother of one. She has a daughter aged two years. Just like many of us, Lucy has dreams, goals, and plans for her future. She shares some of those insights with us in this post. Read on…

“My dream is to become an African trader of agricultural produce. It is something I’m greatly looking forward to. To work towards that, right now I’m growing a kitchen garden as I save enough money to lease some land –on my road to becoming a fully-fledged farmer. One of my strategies is to build good networks in this field and that’s something I’m working on diligently.

Part of Lucy’s kitchen garden.

It goes without saying that I’m putting in a lot of effort towards achieving my goals. It requires a lot of time, commitment and dedication. With this kind of focus, expanding my family right now is not a priority. So I’m using a family planning method –specifically an implant. I chose an implant because it lasts long (I have the three-year one which I will stay on or switch to the five-year one). This way, I don’t have to worry about getting pregnant as I continue to work on my laid out plans.

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I encourage young women to take charge of their lives just like I have. It’s good for them to be in control. I urge them to plan their futures well, and always make decisions that steer them towards achieving their goals.

By the way, my partner and I had discussions about our family; our plans and our future. He is very supportive of me and actually accompanied me to the clinic on the day my implant was being inserted. From my experience, I believe it’s good for couples to have discussions about how many children they want to have, and how they will space them. Being on the same page on such important family issues is very important.

I also believe that men should be more involved in family planning issues; they should be given more information and facilitated to empower their fellow men.”

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