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The Loss of My Unborn Baby -Gertrude Mungai Shares Her Painful Experience


I’ve just come across a very heartbreaking blog post by Gertrude Mungai. She is the woman behind ‘Mombasa Raha’;). Gertrude is a ‘lifestyle designer on sex and relationships’ and I’m sure many of us have read her articles in newspapers, seen her on television shows and listened to her on the radio. She also hosts bridal showers, which I’m sure some of us have attended.

Sadly, Gertrude suffered a miscarriage two weeks ago. She lost her third child at 5 months pregnant. Totally heartbreaking. Gertrude has narrated the entire experience –from planning the (surprise) pregnancy with her husband, the early days of the pregnancy, and even naming the unborn child in consultation with her two sons –14 year old Mark and 11 year-old Albert. To the eventual loss of her pregnancy through a painful miscarriage.

Head over to her blog; Gertrude Mungai’s blog and read her story, in her own words.

We wish Gertrude and her family peace and comfort during this difficult time.

*top image courtesy Gertrude Mungai’s blog



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