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6 Helpful Tips for Dealing With Morning Sickness in Pregnancy


For most moms, they know that ‘morning sickness’ happens any time of the day, and not just in the morning. Morning sickness is when the pregnant woman just feels sick, nauseous and feels like vomiting. Sometimes, even the smell of something can trigger the retching. It can be one of the roughest parts of the pregnancy. For many, it happens in the first trimester while for others, it can go for months beyond this.

So how can you help relieve these nauseous feelings? I talked to a few Kenyan moms, and these are some of the tips they shared with me about how they dealt with the pregnancies (without having to take medicine). In case I left out something that worked for you, feel free to add that in the comments section below.

  1. Lemon

You could try drinking freshly squeezed lemon juice, or try also sucking on slices of fresh lemon. Additional tip – you can carry them in a small lunchbox that can fit into your handbag and take them as necessary.

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For Purity Musalia, whose story I wrote here, she would always carry lemon and salt in her handbag, which she would then lick during the day as she went about her business. Doing so helped control her nausea. You could try that too! Read Purity’s story here.

2. Tropical sweets

Some moms say that eating Tropical Mint sweets throughout the day helped reduce the nauseous feelings. They said that the mint helped prevent the ‘vomiting’ feeling especially after a meal.

3. Fresh Ginger

You can peel a piece of fresh ginger and suck on it (like you do a sweet). You can also chew on small bits of it. Eating ginger cookies also helps a lot! When I was pregnant with my second son, my sister told me about the ginger cookie vybe and for sure, it worked!! So this is something I recommend 100% based on both my experience and that of my sister. So go ahead, buy some and keep them in your handbag – they’ll come in handy during the day!

Ginger cookies

4. Ice Cubes

There are moms who told me that munching on ice cubes at regular intervals during the day helped relieve some of the morning sickness. You could add a tinge of lemon if you feel that the taste would be too bland.

5. Eating Boiled Dry Foods while Avoiding Greasy, Fatty and Spicy Meals

I actually got this from quite a number of moms – that greasy foods (chakula iko na mafuta mingi) just used to make them sick. Also, the smell of some spices used to put them off completely. But dry, boiled foods like grains and potatoes -that used to work perfectly for them. You can try that too!

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6. Drinking Lots of Water

Drinking lots of water during pregnancy is extra-important as this helps keep you hydrated. Ensure that the water you’re drinking is safe. Now, should you take tap water (boiled kanjo water) or bottled water? Check out this post for more information about that.

So there you go. I hope you found the information helpful. If you did, share it with a pregnant mom as it could help her too. Did I leave anything out and which totally worked for you (and which doesn’t involve medicine)? You can share that in the comments section below. I left out the medicinal remedies because its best to get that information from a medical expert who is well-versed with matters pregnancy.

Thanks for reading!

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Update: Mom’s comments on what worked for them:

“Having lemon tea and eating tropical sweets while on the move! Worked for the first two pregnancies. The third one I couldn’t taste lemon but I ate lots of patco!” -Elizabeth

“Ginger nut cookies and stoney tangawizi soda worked perfectly for me!” -Rosie

“Weetabix with ice cold milk. That was the only thing I could keep down. Ate that for like a month. It kept me going. Couldn’t stand cooked food because of onions and oil.” -Christine.

“I loved crushing ice cubes ?. I had bad nausea with my first born for the whoooole pregnancy. Ginger worked for a while too.” -Waithera

“I fought nausea through: Krest, black ginger tea, chewing minty gum and lemon water” -Eva

“Patcos!! I have had them through both pregnancies! I had very mild nausea but they really worked.” -Sophie

“Ginger is always a winner. It settles the tummy” -Wambui

“Cinnamon sticks are also a great snack.” -Bella

Patcos worked best for me! I would buy the whole bag and keep kwa handbag…unakulaga ukienda..” -Edwinah

“Tropical mint have been my nausea dawa since I was young. Travel nausea and when I was pregnant they came through as always. No need kununua moja moja I used to buy na packet. Store in every handbag and pocket. One of the pregnancies was a patco pregnancy.” -Joyce

“I did tropicals, ginger biscuits and lemon water. Ooh – and unripe mangoes.” -Alison

“Pilipili in every meal worked well for me” -Kari

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