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The House girl Called Jastorina on Citizen TV vs Mama Keffo


Riurii, there is something that I see every Saturday that makes me wonder.

See, many times I happen to watch the programme Jastorina, which is a local drama that airs on Citizen TV on late Saturday afternoons, at about 5.45 pm during Supa Sato. Jastorina basically highlights the working life of a housegirl in a middle income home in the city. The housegirl is called Jastorina and she grew up in the village, so it is interesting to see how she adapts to life in the big city. This lady (Nancy Nyambura) is a very good actress by the way, I’ve been following her from the days she was in Mashtaka – the digital version of Vioja Mahakamani. Jastorina/Naomi Kilewa always makes me happy.

Buuuuuuuut now there is this other lady who makes my heart shudder. Her name is Mama Kevo (Keffo). Friends, let me tell you – Mama Keffo is not a good woman. At all. Yaani she makes me watch that show with a very heavy heart. That woman is what you call the evil employer!

I like tuning in to Jastorina just so that I can see what Mama Keffo will do to Jastornia this time round. Even though I know its just acting, that Mama Keffo (Gloria Moraa) makes it look so real, she should win a grammy. I can’t exactly describe to you the character that she is – you just need to watch the show yourself for you to understand what I’m talking about.

About the relationship between Jastorina and Mama Keffo, the interesting thing I’ve heard though is that if you treat housegirls badly, they stay on longer. Treat them humanely and they won’t last. I don’t know if that’s true, but what I know is that if the show is any reflection of what goes on in real life, then it may just hold water because even though Jastorina is treated so BADLY by Mama Keffo, I don’t see her going anywhere ng’o! Infact every other day, she works harder as she strives to please Mama Keffo.

Have you ever watched the show? What do you think of Mama Keffo? Do such employers exist or is it just za ovyo?



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  1. I’ve not watched the show but I know for sure that in real life it’s the other way round: treat your employee badly and she’ll take off, no matter how much you are paying her. I’ve come across so many of them in my line of business.

    Jastorina is staying on because the show must go on. It’s just a script. In real life, she’d have left kitambo!

  2. Tell u what I have watched it a couple of times and jastorina is the real deal. I have heard of women who put their girls through hell.My argument is we entrust our lives and those of our children with them so let’s treat them with respect and like human beings. Yaani if we were told to do the work they engage in our houses like for a week most of would fall sick. From experience it depends on their motivating factor and goals. My former house-girl ( had related her story in your blog post of ‘Madam sina fare’) left last wk on a morning with all the madharau in the world without a care its was a working day. Thats after treating her like a queen.


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