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The Day My Mother Confronted me About my ‘Secret’ Pregnancy -Popular Radio Presenter Shares Her Story


33 year-old Diana Makokha is a popular radio presenter in the Royal Media Services stable. Diana is also a mom of two boys, and with an inspiring story to tell! Her experience is definitely one that many women can relate to. Read on.

I got pregnant in 2002 just after high school. It was unplanned. I was 19 years-old, naive and not really ready to become a mother. Back in my days, early pregnancy was regarded as complete immorality. In fact, if a girl got pregnant, it automatically meant that she would get married. Meanwhile, she would be stigmatized for engaging in ‘bad behavior’. It was one of the most ‘sinful’ things a girl could do.

When I found out I was pregnant, I cried and cursed. How could it have happened to me? Embarrassed, scared and ashamed, I preferred to stay indoors all day long. I would be dressed in a cardigan throughout, in a bid to conceal my growing bump. It did not matter the weather; even in the scorching heat, you’d find me all covered up in a heavy sweater.

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Eventually, word got round that I was expecting. The girls in my neighborhood, and those I had cleared school with would spend hours gossiping about me. They would say: “Waahh, na ni kweli Dee ako na ball?” They would even come to our home to ‘peep’ at me in a bid to confirm that I was indeed pregnant. Some of them had already joined college and would brag on end about how sweet college life was.

Hearing them speak made me feel very sad. I would lock myself in my bedroom and cry my heart out. I would cry rivers. Why me? There I was, a pregnant teen, ashamed of the embarrassment I had caused the family. The idea of having an abortion came to mind.

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