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The Amara Initiative: Everyone Should Have Basic First Aid Skills


Baby Amara Bosibori Kibagendi was the first child born to Anthony and Alice Kibagendi on 26 August 2011.

On the evening on 2 March 2012, Amara chocked while being fed on a meal of mashed potatoes mixed with milk by her nanny. While feeding, Amara started coughing persistently and on noticing this, her nanny began patting her back. However, when Amara started going faint, her nanny raised the alarm.

When good samaritans came to the rescue, baby Amara was unresponsive, and so began the rush to hospital. One of these good samaritans was a nurse, who performed First Aid on Amara as they headed to hospital but unfortunately, little Amara was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital.

The Birth of Amara Initiative

The events of that evening were very difficult to accept for Amara’s parents, her family and all those who loved the adorable baby. As relatives and friends comforted the family, they would share stories of similar incidents -of infants who had gone too soon under similar circumstances. This is what led the Kibagendi’s to start Amara Initiative – an initiative that supports the belief that all people should be knowledgeable on the basics of First Aid.

“Some accidents in the home can be avoided or handled better if we equip ourselves with the basic skills that we require,” says Alice, who urges all parents to be informed on the basics of First Aid, and ensure that they as well as all members of the household are trained on the same.

Amara Initiative is also a forum that offers encouragement to parents who may have had their angels leave them too soon. It seeks to establish support groups and provide counseling to parents who have lost their children through accidents and/or illnesses.

“It is a support group that celebrates the lives of angels gone too soon, and is also a point of learning for mothers and mothers to be, meant to encourage each other in this journey of life, of parenthood…” says Alice.

The Amara initiative started as a Facebook page, which currently has over 1,000 members.

Amara Initiative is currently in the process of undertaking its fourth Basic First Aid Training, having partnered with Red Cross, AAR and Emergency Medical Trainers who facilitate the trainings.

The next training is scheduled for this coming Saturday, 29 September 2012.

For more information, please contact Alice or Wangare via the contact details below:

Amara Initiative
0737 751 115
0718 011 996

Alice Kibagendi (Founder)

Wangare Kiarie (Administrator)



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  1. I have gone through your website and it posed a challenge on me on how unprepared I am incase of an emergency within or without my home.I would therefore like to attend the next training on first aid on 6th July.Kindly let me be informed on the details.


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