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Baby Amara Still Continues to Save Lives Today: Details of First Aid Training on 9 December

Alice Kibagendi with her late daughter Amara.

Hi friends, hope your week was great and that you’re looking forward to the weekend. Now, in case you missed my last post, where I shared the story of Sarah who was faced with a ‘situation’ after she found out her house girl of two years was HIV positive, you can catch up with it here: “This is What I Did After I Found out my Nanny was HIV Positive”. I love sharing stories of encouragement, and I hope Sarah’s story will encourage you.

Alice Kibagendi.

Now, a few years ago, I shared the story of Alice Kibagendi who lost her six-month old daughter Amara through choking. Baby Amara died as she was being fed by the nanny. This experience ignited a passion in Alice to help more people -parents, care givers and nannies to be more aware of the fact that basic First Aid saves lives. Her daughter’s death inspired her to start ‘The Amara Initiative’. You can read that story here: “My Baby Amara Choked to Death, but she Continues to Save Lives Today” -Alice Kibagendi’s story.

The reason I’m sharing Alice’s story today is because The Amara Initiative will tomorrow hold a first-aid training for parents and caregivers. The training will be at the All Saints Cathedral in Nairobi.

I encourage you to attend if you can. Also share this information with a friend. You can see more of Alice talking about the Amara Initiative in the video below. Otherwise have a blessed weekend.

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