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Photos: Launch of Pampers Baby-Dry Diapers at Dave Gardens, Lavington


Last Saturday, I attended an event -the launch of Pampers baby-dry diapers. The event was at the Dave Gardens in Lavington. Here are photos of  some of the moms and  babies who attended the event.

So those were some of the moms who attended the event.  It was a nice, easy event. I particularly loved the venue -cool, quiet and green. Plus the buffet meal they offered us was fresh and tasty.

The meeting began at about 10am and there were different educative sessions by different experts. There was a nutritionist who took moms through the basics of child nutrition, as well as a fitness enthusiast who guided moms on the best and safe physical activities they can engage in before and after birth.

It was particularly interesting to listen to some of the questions that moms had, especially with regard to nutrition. Questions such as -is supermarket milk safe for baby (the one dispensed like a tap -not the packet ones). Is it okay to mix liver with milk for baby’s food? What about milk and spinach? And other such questions. Interesting because those are the same questions I had when my boys were much younger when I was weaning them. You know -you hear all sorts of things nowadays about what to do and not to do with regard to baby’s food. It can be very confusing by the way, many are the times I just  got tempted to keep my kids purely on breastmilk alone because that was the only food that appeared to be safe!

Anyway, it was a Saturday well spent. Plus all the moms who had attended the event got to take home a jumbo pack of Pampers baby-dry diapers each. In mid-month! Jumbo! How nice is that?


The new features of the Pampers baby-dry diaper include:

– New stretchy sides

– New fun designs

– Super gel

– 4 dryness layers

– Soft outer cover

– Baby lotion

If you haven’t tried out the new and improved Pampers diapers yet, give them a try today.



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