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My Increasing Clumsiness


You know that Midas Touch song …..’everything I touch turns to gold…’ well, for me, everything I touch falls down. I don’t know why. This my pregnancy seems to have brought on a great deal of clumsiness with it.

Each time I attempt to pick something from a table, it falls down. When soaping my face towel while taking a shower, the soap slips to the floor. When I am eating a fruit, some of it, if not all falls down – sometimes messing up my blouse. When running a comb through my hair, it drops to the floor. When going to answer my phone many a time, it falls off my hands and tumbles to the floor. Biro pens, hairbands, hand mirrors, lip balm, spoons, forks….you name them – they all drop to the floor.

This has now made me start eating with plastic plates and drinking from plastic cups and mugs. I don’t want ceramic or glass items to drop to the floor and shatter into pieces because I don’t have a budget for buying utensils right now.

It’s like I cannot help it and I can’t seem to understand why this happens. Why I don’t have a grip anymore on anything I attempt to hold is seriously baffling me, and I am getting worried. Very worried. This is just not like me. And I cannot understand what pregnancy has to do with it either.

And as you well know, at 35 weeks, it is quite difficult for me to bend or squat down to pick stuff up. The very huge tummy will not allow for that. So what happens is that when all these things fall to the floor, I leave them there and wait for the hubby to pick them up for me. His welcome home at the end of the day is to pick up scattered stuff all over the house. Not nice. As he does so he laments quite abit, claiming I have appointed him my official ‘pick-upper’. My poor man.

If I am at work, then I will call a workmate to assist me. And if I am on the streets or shopping store and I drop something, then I will request someone to pick it up for me. Depending on people, especially strangers to pick stuff up for me does not resonate well, not when I’m used to doing stuff for myself. Clumsiness is not a virtue for sure.

I think what I will do right now is to google ‘pregnancy and clumsiness’, hopefully I can get some insights into what’s going on. Maybe it has something to do with pregnancy afterall.



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