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Packing the Hospital Bag, part 1


I didn’t know packing my hospital bag would require this much effort. Just like many other things on my ‘to-do-list’, packing my hospital bag ranks up there but I’m yet to execute it.

Today the hubby asked me if I had packed the bag and if it was ready to be put in his car boot coz he doesn’t trust that I will be able to drive any car when the contractions come. I told him I had packed ‘a little’. A little means I have packed just my hairband because I don’t want to pull off my hair during labor, so I will have to tie it in a bun. I have also packed a toothbrush and toothpaste because I don’t want my newborn to meet me while I have stinking breath. That is as far as I have gone with the packing. I did this packing two days ago.

Thing is, I know what I need to pack and I know exactly where the things are. Half of them are scattered in my wardrobe and the other half are still in the store waiting for me to buy them. I hear labor can come quite unexpectedly and at week 35, I surely need to have packed by now.

So what exactly is my problem? Chronic procrastination. I keep putting the exercise off, rationalizing that I enjoy doing things under pressure. That when I feel the contractions coming is when I will pack. Which makes me think I am quite on the non-serioius side of life because how then will I expect to get myself to the store and buy the remaining stuff in between contractions? Well, I’ll be damned if I know the answer to that.

Right now I am more preoccupied with having to go to work and when I get home in the evening, I have no energy left to pack a bag. What I do in the evening is pack myself on the couch and have a well-deserved rest.

But I think I need to set a date for this packing business. My Saturday afternoon (tomorrow) does not look very busy, so I will try and throw in a few things in the hospital bag. We will see who will win between procrastination and self-discipline.



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