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Kitty’s Relationship with his Baby Brother


Ello is six weeks old now, and it’s been interesting to observe how his big brother relates with him. I must say that Kitty adores his baby brother. He absolutely totally loves him, which warms my heart so.

Whenever he sees me emerge from the bedroom carrying Ello, he immediately launches into a small dance shouting ‘toto Ello, toto Ello’ and begins trying to catch Ello’s attention, which includes tagging at his legs.

Whenever I’m nursing Ello, Kitty is always right there with me, telling both Ello and I all sorts of stories which I hardly ever understand but I love them anyway. And when it’s time to burp Ello, Kitty helps out with the rubbing of the back, only that I have to keep a close eye on how he does it because the first time I taught him how to – to gentle rub Ello’s back, taking him through the gentle motions, next thing I saw was Ello being pounded on the back as though he were chocking. That’s Kitty’s version of gently rubbing his back so that he can burp. I let out a shriek, fearful that Ello’s back had been fractured!


Kitty loves pulling at Ello’s legs and hands as he talks to him and plays with him. I reckon he thinks they’re agemates. Once again it has to be done under close supervision because gentle does not exist in Kitty’s vocabulary, one time I saw him doing it and I thought Ello’s limbs were gonna be pulled out of their sockets!

Then Kitty is at the stage of learning body parts, and this he proudly demonstrates via Ello’s body. He loves showing where eyes, ears, nose and mouth are located on a body – problem is he pokes these body parts of Ello (once again roughly). Yikes!!!

He also loves describing to me in detail, by the minute, what Ello is doing. “toto Ello is closing his eyes, toto Ello is drinking milk, toto Ello is relaxing, toto Ello has pupud, toto Ello has sneezed, toto Ello is crying, toto Ello is watching TV, toto Ello is yawning….”  He gives me constant updates :) . And when Ello is asleep in his cot, Kitty constantly goes to check on him, just to stare at him whilst giving him stories.

And then Kitty loves wanting to carry his little brother. So what I do is I mock place him in his hands, ofcourse I’m carrying Ello 95% but Kitty is just happy to believe that he is the one doing the carrying.

And then he loves running errands for mommy that involve toto Ello. When I send him to bring me a diaper, a liner , the breastfeeding pillow or a shawl from the bedroom, he engages in a dash that would put Usain Bolt to shame. When I ask him to bring me the breastfeeding pillow, he does so more than happily.

And when Ello is relaxing on his day bed, Kitty loves caressing his cheeks and planting random kisses on them. And when Ello cries, he tries to soothe and calm him by telling him to stop crying…oohhhh…such sweet moments these usually are…

I am glad that this is Kitty’s relation with his baby brother, because I know there are some kids who are so jealous of their younger siblings such that they punch and pinch them – especially when mommy is not looking? Oh dear!

When I watch my two boys bonding, I feel really proud and happy and I hope this bond will continue way into their adulthood and into forever.



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Maryanne W. Waweru is a Kenyan mum raising her two sons in Nairobi. A journalist, Maryanne is passionate about telling stories and hopes that through her writing, her readers learn something new, feel encouraged, inspired, and appreciative of what they have in their lives. Maryanne's writing focuses on motherhood, women and lifestyle. "Telling stories is the only thing I know how to do," she says.


  1. That sounds so lovely please give me tips on how u prepared Kitty for the little brother. I’m not even sure if my gal understands lest she starts telling the baby to go home now (stories i’ve heard)…

  2. hi wawesh enjoy it while it lasts.this initial bonding is super special and never goes away once they share this they will always have it and it keeps them loving each other thru all the fights years later.but for sure give it 2 years or less and you will be a referee while they will be fighting for toys,their space and own identity and most of all vying for your attention.
    for sure this initial bonding is sweet and essential and in your top answer its the best way of getting there by getting the older sibling involved.i would also suggest not doing this like getting them out of your room or cot just before the baby comes home then the elder one will blame baby for his losses

  3. Thanks Maryanne will def try it out hope its not too late right now the baby is ‘toto wa mama’ n not ‘toto wetu’ as i try to tell her. She’s used to all attention on her n esp mine (i think i’ve spoilt her). let me try this last month and hope for the best.


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