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Moms in Business: Beatrice Kagondu of Sweet Inspirations Cakes


I came across this inspirational *article and knew I had to share it here. It’s about a woman entrepreneur who followed her passion and is today a successful businesswoman. You’ve probably tasted one of her cakes. Read on…

“I have always loved cooking since I was a young girl. My mum encouraged me and allowed me to experiment with different recipes. She gave me free reign in her kitchen.

My favorite subject in high school was home science and from there I went on to enroll at  a training program at the Norfolk Hotel. Chef Eamon Mullan  was running an apprentice based program for chefs and I was one of the five ladies selected that year.

Another one of my loves was Art. I have an artistic flair and having completed learning all the kitchen sections I settled on pastry. Here, I was able to combine the two loves of my life-art and food. Unlike my fellow students, I did not want to seek employment. For me I just wanted the knowledge to spruce up my hobby. I went on to Kenya Institute of Management to do a course in business management. I was employed in an NGO for almost six years before I picked up my ‘hobby’ again.  I had a newborn and did not want to go back into employment. A friend of mine who had also gone through the Norfolk program was running a successful cake business and she challenged me to join her.

Running my business Sweet Inspirations has not been without challenges. The first challenge was that I had a one month old baby who I was breastfeeding  exclusively. So I would go with her to the bakery every day. I had  to get a househelp to keep an eye on her at the office as I worked till she was weaned at six months. The same happened with my next baby. Both kids were always with me. I learned that there is a solution to everything. Clients were very accommodating and understanding.

A Sweet Inspiration cake



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