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A Bridal Shower


The other weekend, I attended a bridal shower. It was a truly good shower, mainly because of two things: The company of the ladies present, the ambiance of the place, the novel things about the shower, the yellow theme, the guest speaker and last but not least – the bitings (those are not two things now, are they?).

The shower was held at a Spa in the Kitisuru neighborhood, a nice serene and lovely ambiance for the close knit of family and friends who attended it. The events of the day took place at both the outdoors and the indoors. It was a good mature crowd that had a mix of single, married and separated ladies.

Now, the guest invited to speak to the ladies present was an apt choice. It was marriage counselor. She shared with us some of her experiences in her 35 years of marriage, candidly talking about the ups and downs she’s been through, what she learnt from them and how we too can learn. It was good. Very insightful and very enriching.

Here are some pieces of advice that she shared that struck me that I thought to share with you:

  • *Don’t enter marriage with an exit strategy in mind.
  • *A woman should take full charge of her house.
  • *Life is not always fair. You can be beautiful and the admiration of many, are smart, have brains, are ambitious, successful in your career, God-fearing and with good morals and principles to boot. And you are a praying woman. But yet you’re not finding the right man. Your season is coming. God is never too early or too late.
  • *Our parents’ marriages or lives have a great impact on the people that we are today. And for those of us who are parents, let’s be knowing that how we relate with our spouses will have a great influence on our children.
  • *Intellectual intimacy should never lack in a marriage. It doesn’t matter how much sex you give your man. You have to connect intellectually.

In my very own personal opinion based on my experiences in the showers I’ve been to, the selection of the main speaker is very important. The choice of this person is absolutely crucial – I kid you not!



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