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How to Calculate Safe Days to Avoid Pregnancy


A couple of weeks ago, I attended an event for young moms, organized by Ivanna of Weza Dada Foundation. Ivanna had invited a clinician -Josephine Kinyua to talk to the young moms (in this case those aged 24 years and below) about different aspects of their reproductive health. Ivanna invited me to the event as a ‘mentor mom’ 🙂

I managed to capture Josephine’s explanation of how a woman can calculate her safe period to increase her chances of preventing pregnancy. I find that this is a question that many women tend to ask, so I hope you will find the information helpful too. See the video below and share with a young mom or woman as well. You’ll need to adjust the volume of the video as you watch.

If you know of a young mom who would like to regularly interact with fellow young moms, then you can link her up with Ivanna through her page here. Also, if you’d like to be a ‘mentor mom’ to the young moms, just like I am, then you can also get in touch with her through ivanna@wezadada.org

Thanks for reading & watching and keep it Mummy Tales 🙂

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