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Fashion Blogger Nancie Mwai and her Maternity Style


When award-winning Kenyan fashion and lifestyle blogger Nancie Mwai was pregnant, I often liked checking into her blog to see what she was wearing. And she never disappointed. She usually looked stylish -tandem with her fashion unique fashion sense. Nancie was blessed with a daughter in April 2014. Here’s a peak of some of the outfits she rocked during her pregnancy. nancie_mwai_10Maternity-Style-Nanciemwai-1-690x4591nancie_mwai_fashion_notebook_00 nancie_Mwai   nancie_mwai_12Pregnant-style-Nanciemwai-4-690x1035 NM NMwai

So what do you think of Nancie’s pregnancy style? Which outfit of hers do you like most?

See Nancie’s new-look blog here.

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