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Chama With the Girls


The other Saturday, my girls and I had our usual chama meeting. This meeting was however special as besides the usual catching up we do, we were celebrating with one of our own -Christine, who had recently been blessed with a new bundle of joy, baby Njoki.

Now, we noticed  baby Njoki was all dressed up in blue and out of curiosity, we asked whey she was in those (boy) colors because we assumed she would be in pink. Well, Christine told us that she spent so much money on her first born, a boy, so it didn’t make much sense for her to buy many more clothes save for a few girlie outfits and essentials. Makes sense because these kids grow so fast and kid’s clothes are so expensive and they only wear them for a day or two before they suddenly become small. No need in spending a fortune on their clothes, especially when they can wear hand me downs from their older siblings. The only tricky thing is if it were a girl as the first kid and the boy the second born, it might be tricky to dress the boy in flowery pink, yellow, lilac, fuchsia, turquoise and lavender sweaters and trousers and socks (I’m not very sure I know how the lilac, fuchsia and turquoise colors look like but I just had to throw them in there nevertheless.

So, let me take you through some moments at the chama:

Looking forward to the next chama gals. Maureen and Joan you were greatly missed.



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