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“After I Became Deaf I gave up, but Now I want to do More with my Life than Just Give up” -Mandy


For about two weeks now, I’ve been sharing the experiences of parents who are raising their children with disability. In case you missed those posts, you can catch the first one here:  “Other Parents Complained about my ‘Nuisance’ Son and Urged the Head Teacher to Expel Him” -Stella Mwaromo Shares Her Story

and the second one here:

“Why it Took me Years to Realize that My Son Could Neither Speak nor Hear” -Regina Wanjiru’s Story.

Now, I’ve just come across the story of Mandy, who, after losing her hearing at the age of 18 years, now uses vibrations in the ground to pursue her dream of singing. To understand what I’m talking about, watch her video below.

Watching Mandy sing and utter the words: “After I Became Deaf I gave up, but Now I want to do More with my Life than Just Give up” has reaffirmed my belief in the #NikoEducatable campaign, which is working towards ensuring that children with disability are able to go to school, receive an education and pursue their dreams. We all know that many parents of special needs children, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds are unable to send their children to school for many reasons, among them: finances, logistical challenges in regards to getting the child to and from school, as well as lack of any hope for the future of the child with disability.

But the truth is, disability doesn’t have to signal the end of one’s dreams. It doesn’t have to end the dreams of the child, and neither does it have to signal the end the dreams of the parent for his or her child. Just like Mandy in the video, their dreams can still be achieved. A good case example is Regina Mugure, who is pursuing her dream to become a diplomat or a famed journalist. Watch her below.

You too can be a part of these dreams by supporting the dreams of children like Regina, through the #NikoEducatable campaign. See this link for more details.

You can also follow the #NikoEducatable conversations on Facebook: NikoEducatable and Twitter: @NikoEducatable

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