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A Helpful Tip for Pregnant Women that Can Help Baby Engage: By Lucy Muchiri of Evesmama


Are you pregnant? Do you know of a lady who is? Lucy Muchiri of EvesMama gives some helpful advise to all pregnant women. Lucy is a well experienced midwife who I have featured here before. On how to help baby engage during pregnancy, here is the advice that Lucy offers:

“Majority of African women in the rural areas work while squatting, bending or seated on curved stools or on the ground with their legs apart. There is a theory that this helps open up their pelvis allowing the baby to engage on time, and eventually making the birth easier. To help achieve the same effect, the pregnant woman can sit on an exercise (birth) ball for some time during the day. Towards the end of pregnancy, she can also do some squats and sit in the tailors position everyday. This will help baby engage.”



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