5 Helpful Tips for Women in Business


While growing up, many people were brought up like this: go to school, pass in your exams, go to college/university, get a job, then be employed. While in that employment, dress smart -in a nice dress/skirt suit, stockings, pumps, and with a nice mosodo to boot 🙂 . And don’t forget to walk like a dignified lady.

Self-employment was not something that was thrown our way much, as we were all encouraged to follow the path of employment. Which many of us did. In fact, those who were in business were looked at with a side eye, suspicious that they must have not passed very well in their studies hence why they were in self-employment.

But today, ‘biashara’ is the word. Almost every woman I know has one biashara or another. Whether it’s a full time gig or a side-hustle, most of us are all selling something at any given time. And most of us love it; maneuvering the ups and downs of ‘hustling’ -the blood, sweat and tears involved.

So, if you’re a woman in business or planning to get into biashara soon, have a look at these helpful tips as shared by Sales Trainer Mucha Mlingo and feel free to share the video with a friend or sister or colleague who you know would benefit from it.

Also see related video of Janet Muley, a former Miss World Kenya who now runs Diamond Junior School in Nairobi in the video below.

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