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What I’ve Been up to this Week: The Throes of Teething


Well, well, well, where do I start?

This week has been quite errr….something! Kitty is 16 months old now, his molars are cutting and let’s just say he’s not been having it easy. There’s been lots of diarrhea, fever, vomiting, a terribly sore bum, sleepless nights, irritability, loss of appetite, some weight loss, hospital visits, ORS, tears….

Teething ringI must say I was totally unprepared for this because he has eight teeth at the front which came out with no fuss at all, so all along I relaxed in the comfort of knowing that he was one of those kids whose other tooths were gonna come out in a similar fashion. Wololo, shock on me!

It’s been a tough week, I’ve missed work a couple of days, my normal daily routine got destabilized but we’re much better now, thank God. And next time I’ll definitely be more prepared and less assumptive :)

Anyone who’s had similar teething woes? How did you and baby cope?

Otherwise hope you’ve been good and wishing you a lovely weekend.



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  1. When my son was teething, we were regulars at the hospital. He lost weight, vomited, diarrhea etc. I suspect I also lost weight at the same time. It was painful just watching him go through the motions.

  2. Pole Kitt….i do not seem to remember any teething issues with my two but i could be suffering from temporary amnesia..:).I am wishing Kitty drama free teething.

  3. @Santina lucky you! I doubt it can be amnesia because that experience is something you can’t forget. ION, happy 3 year birthday to your baby boy J!


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