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Ouch!!!!!!!!! That’s my Nipple!


Ouch!!!!!!!!!! That is the reaction I’ve found myself repeatedly chanting over the last couple of weeks.

And this happens when I’m nursing Kitty when suddenly, I feel this searing pain tear through my entire body –when he bites my nipple HARD. Ouch!!!!

My ouch! screams are usually accompanied by the knee-jerk reaction of quickly withdrawing the boobie from his mouth and then looking down at him, wondering what possibly could be the problem with him.

And when I look down at him, my eyes already getting wet on account of the pain, he in turn looks up at me and we do the macho-fighting thing. Then, to my horror, I usually watch as in slow-motion, his face breaks into a sly toothless pink grin. Possibly a sign of victory. Crafty little baby!

I’ve noticed he usually bites me when he’s already full and is now getting bored. Sometimes his boredom catches me unaware and this is when the pain is most searing. The pain that I usually feel is somewhat similar to the one that one gets when they hit their little toe against the sofa, stool or table. The one that makes you jump up and down like a bunny rabbit. A very intense pain which thankfully, lasts for just a few minutes.

Kitty doesn’t even have any teeth, but yet his bite makes me wonder what his gums are made of. Steel?

So now I’m wondering how it will be like when he gets teeth, because I know he’s teething right now, perhaps more reason why he’s taking his biting activity a notch higher. Gosh, I’m literally shivering at that thought. Because I do intend to continue nursing him for as long as it will take.

Mama Tasha advices me that when he bites, I should reprimand him a ka-polite one, so that he’ll get the message that nipple biting is not allowed. I have always attempted to do so, but each time I try to, I find myself running my fingers through his scanty un-even hair, papasaring him the way you papasa a cat (I forget the English word for papasa). Then I touch his face and pull at his cheeks a little bit and tell him what a cute little boy he is as he looks up at me and chuckles with the sweetest toothless-pink-gums you ever saw.

Aaaaawwwwww, now how am I expected to reprimand such a doll?



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  1. I know exactly what you are talking about ,with 2 kids my long suffering nipples have borne the brunt of two sets of teeth lol!

    Actually as you say their teeth must be made of steel.

    There is a saying that a mum spanks her child with one hand and cuddles him with the other.

    It is the itchy gums from his sprouting teeth(though you cannot see them yet).

    Hang in there :).

  2. @Santina and @dorcas thanks and just wondering about our moms who had 6 kids+, and we all BIT them they must be strong women. I’ll just have to vumilia I guess. @Dorcas yes the youghurt is for Kitty. I gave him a little bit of the plain one and his face contorted in all manner of gestures…I think he was finding it bitter. Your take?

  3. yeah, i take yogurt alot. my babies also love it though i started giving them at 8 months. i do ohh lala, the vanilla one. i tried jolly n they took for sometime then i tried ohh lala n they refused to take jolly ever again so now av stuck to ohh lala the vanilla one. can you imagine we do two n a half packets of milk a night on ohh lala one litre lasts 3 days. i dont think the sweetened one has any problem he is a big boy now, my children dont like over sweetened things, hata nikiweka mob sugar kwa uji by mistake, they dont take

  4. Dorcas you might just need to buy a cow to keep at home because of the expenses! And you might also be forced to learn how to make home-made yoghurt!


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