I have experienced challenges, such as getting careless house girls who maybe won’t change the baby on time hence the baby ends up developing a rash, or one that handles baby’s food without observing proper hygiene until you decide to send them packing because it affects that baby’s health. Having to conduct interviews before hiring a house help helped me a great deal.

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Despite the difficulties with house girls, I have managed to sail through. But one thing is always certain; my kids come first, and I have learnt to talk and reason out with them when addressing issues concerning them. For example, whenever I’m interviewing a prospective house girl, I allow my children to share their opinion about all the girls we interview before selecting one. That’s one of the reasons why I advise parents to always listen to their children and be friendly to them so that in case of a problem they are able to speak out or better still, the kids are able to engage them on the issues bothering them. Don’t let your kids be afraid of you. Create that environment that enables them to open up to you always.

Vellah's family
Vellah’s family

My Greatest Fear as a Mom

As a mother, my biggest fear is the fear of uncertainty. You never know what will happen to your baby when they are out playing, whether at home or in school. At times I find myself worrying so much about their safety.

My Greatest Supporters

In my parenting journey, there are people I will always be grateful for holding my hand and giving me advice on what to do. My mother tops the list. She is just the best. She has always been there for me. For example, when it came to breastfeeding, my mother was always there for me whenever I needed help and she always answered all my questions. Even when I would call her at midnight, she would always answer the phone. You would have thought she was a doctor on call!


 My husband has also been very supportive and continues to walk with me as we raise our children. We are a great family, and this has been enhanced by one rule that I apply: work stays at work and once I am home, it is time for family. The children come first, everything else later.”

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