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Valentine Wamwangi: I Almost Lost my Baby at Birth


About three weeks ago, I ran a competition on the Mummy Tales Facebook page where one lucky winner was to win two packets of Pampers Premium Care diapers containing 44 diapers each. All a mom needed to do to win was upload a photo of herself and her baby, with a comment about the best advice she received when she was a new mum. She then needed to get her friends to like her photo and comment, and the one with the most likes was to be the winner.

Four moms participated in this, and one of them emerged winner with a total of 160 likes on her comment. The winner was Valentine Cutesmile Wamwangi who posted a photo of her and her baby, and shared the following advice she was given when she was a new mom:

“The best advice ever from my mummy was to use only Pampers and Pampers alone, that other diapers were not good for a baby. We are 3 months and still never changed. I am still following the advice and so far so good!”

Congratulations to Valentine. Here is a little about her:

MT: Is this your first child?

VCW: Yes, it is my first child. he is now sixteen weeks old.

MT: How was your pregnancy with him?

VCW: It was a good pregnancy and I had no complications.

MT: Any cravings you had?

Yes! I used to crave a coke soda, combined with mangoes!

MT: What did you like most about your pregnancy?

VCW: I liked the fact that anytime I was bored I would touch my belly and he would kick so hard!

MT: What was the greatest challenge during the pregnancy?

VCW: This has to be the backache, nausea, vomiting and swollen feet.

MT: What do you feel when now you look at your baby?

I feel so lucky that I have him. After a good pregnancy, I almost lost him at birth and I thank God that he saved both of us.

MT: What happened during delivery?

VCW: I went to hospital the day before my due date, and I was induced. Unfortunately, I started bleeding so much and they told me that I would lose my baby if they didn’t take me to theater. So I ended up having an emergency caesarean section. Thankfully we both survived.

MT: Has motherhood changed you in any way? If yes, how?

VCW: Yes motherhood has changed me alot. I used to be a very outgoing lady, but nowadays I’m just an indoors chilled out woman.:) MT: What advice would you give other new moms?

VCW: Always try and understand your baby, bond with him at any opportunity you get, such as during bathing and feeding. Actually, breastfeeding is the best bonding time ever for mother and baby.

MT: Why do you like Pampers diapers?

VCW: I use Pampers diapers because they are the only ones that have never given my baby any diaper rash!

Thanks Valentine and to all the mother moms who participated.



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