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The Story of Faith Musau


So there’s this childhood friend of mine called Faith Musau, who will be the subject of my writing today. Faith and I were classmates in Nairobi Primary right from pre-unit to class 8. A good solid nine years. We watched each other grow from little kids, through puberty, to pre-teens to teens.

Faith was this polite girl – very talkative (interestingly) with humorous stories, but yet still polite. And kind. I remember one time in class 7 when I had an excruciating headache and Faith offered to take me to the sanatorium -in the scorching sun. Nairobi Primary’s sanatorium was quite far from the main learning area (about a 10 minute walk –I’m not sure if that can be classified as ‘far’ now, but those days it was as far as Timbuktu). Each time I remembered Faith, that kind gesture came to the fore. Then I also remember this one time we’d both forgotten our home science materials at home (which was such a great crime), and the female teacher wrestled us to the ground, literally! We were really pounded weeeh! Teachers of those days were no joke.

But our school tales with Faith didn’t end after KCPE. We joined State House Girls together. So it was another four solid years of growing friendship, where we transitioned from teen girls to young women. After high school, I would bump into Faith in the streets of Nairobi from time to time, but we began seeing each other a lot more often from 2010 –when we were brought together by our mutual friend Joy. Joy is my Mwarikwha’s sister. Joy and Faith are bosom buddies, hence we’d always meet.


Faith became a mom three years ago to an adorable little boy. I remember meeting her when her son was just a few months old, and she excitedly talking about her new life as a mom, about breastfeeding, about the sleepless nights, and how I needed to share tips with her about how to raise little boys. Which I was very happy to do.

Now, Faith is your typical mom. The kind of mom that loves talking about her child. The one whose child fills up her nights and her days. The kind that is motivated to rise each day and work hard because of her child. Just like you and I, Faith absolutely loves spending every free time she can with her son. She loves playing catch with him, reading him bedtime stories, taking walks with him, taking countless photos of him, chasing him around, kicking ball with him, shopping for him, dressing him up in nice colorful boy clothes, giving him a bath, watching cartoons with him…you know…all those things that we love doing with our babies.

Today though, Faith is not able to do all those things with her son. She is in hospital right now, undergoing cancer treatment. Lymphoma. A cancer that crept up suddenly in 2014. Faith has been through so much in the last year and a half -in and out of hospital countless times undergoing consultations, tests, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, hospital admissions…the works.

Faith and her close circle of friends. "Every girl needs a friend like Faith," Joy (second right) once told me. I agreed.
Faith with some of her dearest friends. “Every girl needs a friend like Faith,” Joy (second right) once told me. Co-sign.
Faith with her friends Diana and Juliet.
Faith with her friends Diana and Juliet.

All the while, family and friends have been filled – and continue to be filled with hope that Faith, who has always been a strong-willed girl, will indeed emerge victorious over her cancer.

Faith is receiving treatment in a US hospital and more than anything, her greatest desire is to see her three-year old son grow up, to be there as he marks his milestones, to be there as he transitions from childhood, to puberty, to teenagehood, to adulthood. Faith is determined to raise her son into a well-mannered gentleman. It is this resolve that has kept her going during her difficult health.

It can’t be easy for Faith right now, but we are all praying for her. Fervent prayers that have been ongoing since she was diagnosed. I know that those prayers have counted for something all those months. And today, I ask you, my friends, to join her family and friends in praying for her recovery. That she will soon return home to her beautiful son who, at the tender age of three years, greatly needs his mother.


At the same time, Faith’s hospital bill, which is growing by the day, is at a level where the family needs help from friends and well-wishers across the globe. The family will appreciate any contribution you can give with this regard, and which you can make through the following channels:

MPESA: Paybill number 985050
Account Number: 0100214905

Bank Details:
Account Name: Faith Musau – Medical Fund
Account Number: 0100214905
Bank: Gulf African Bank
Branch: Upper Hill Branch
Swift Code: GAFRKENA

Gofund Donate Page:


Gofund Donate Link:

Faith, my dear friend, I continue to pray for you and wish you a quick recovery. I know how much you miss your son, and I pray you will soon be back home to play catch with him. Hugs.

Update: Faith was called to be with the Lord on 23 March 2016. She gained her wings peacefully, surrounded by her family. Rest in peace my dear friend.

Faith’s family still needs support, and your prayers will be appreciated. The family also needs assistance with regard to the hospital bill. Kindly help where you can. Visit this page for more details.  


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