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The List of 6 Cartoons that have been Banned by Ezekiel Mutua Because they Promote Homosexuality


Following public outcry about some cartoons some of our kids watch on pay TV, and which seemingly glorify the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) agenda, the Kenya Film Classification Board (KCFB) headed by Chief Executive Officer Dr. Ezekiel Mutua has written to Multichoice and asked them to immediately discontinue the broadcasting, distribution or exhibition of the programmes.

The six named programmes are:

  1. The Loud House (shows on Nickelodeon)
  2. The Legend of Korra (shows on Nickelodeon)
  3. Hey Arnold (shows on Nickelodeon)
  4. Clarence (shows on Cartoon Network)
  5. Steven Universe (shows on Cartoon Network)
  6. Adventure Time (shows on Cartoon Network)


Dr. Mutua (pictured) says that the cartoons are laced with subtle messages normalizing, glamorizing or even glorifying homosexual behaviour, which goes against Kenya’s morals and values.

This is interesting news. Do your kids watch the mentioned cartoons? Do they love them? Have you ever noticed the kind of content that Dr. Mutua is referring to? What do you think of KCFB’s move?

See below for the full statement.





featured images: Nickelodeon l Ezekiel Mutua Twitter

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  1. Why ban the cartoons? Well, no. 1. I do not condone homophobia. no. 2 is it govt or parents to monitor what kids watch during the day or do? no. 3 LGBT is NOT a choice and isn’t going away any time soon. Time we face that and educate ourselves and talk to our kids same way we need to talk to our kids about sex and sexual behavious.
    Infact we’ve watched loud house with the 2 dads. Nothing unusual my kids have met my pal he is married to a guy and they have a girl my daughter’s age! Plus it’s very hurting to the kids from those households.


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