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The Baby Girl that I Never Got


Today we have a guest post from a Mummy Tales reader, Miromouse Mama-Ajani Njuguna, who tells us what happened when she discovered she was going to have a baby boy – and not the baby girl she had always dreamed of having.

Seeing the pink line run across the home pregnancy testing kit was probably the most rewarding event in my life. I had waited for this day and it came to be. Every time I thought about being a mother, I would automatically think about a baby girl. I love doing all things girly and especially making hair. So I had this picture in my head of sitting outside in the sun making my daughter’s hair in bows and ribbons and making her look like a flower. I thought about all those little pretty dresses, and stockings and little girly shoes and to me, which was a perfect role.

Then reality dawned on me that it was possible that I could be carrying a boy. I needed to make peace with this thought and come to terms with this reality. So promptly at weeks 20 of my pregnancy, I went for a scan and voila! My little man was eagerly waiting to show off the junk between his legs and so I became the mother expecting a baby boy.

So came the blue shopping spree and I actually adapted very well. I never thought I would be good at this baby boy raising thing but I surprised myself. I often wondered how people shopped for baby boy’s clothes; I mean they are all so dull and boring. Not anymore, I am now so used to this, I forgot about the baby girl. I have my moments, and I do try out some girly stuff on my boy, he cannot protest much at this point and even smiles for the camera.

I love my baby boy to bits and would not trade him for anything in this world. I just hope that my bad habits of adorning him in girly stuff to take pictures will not affect the man in him. He is my little man after all, who won the race, and beat the little girl that was just, but a figment of my imagination.”

Thanks Mama Ajani for sharing!



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  1. Oh My… good u have reposted this coz this was my exact experience. My whole family (ok, my hubby and daughter) was expecting and hoping for a girl… till the doc said to me “i see testicles” … #SHOCK!!! But now we love him n wonder what we would do without him…


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