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Sorry, What Did You Say? What All Those Acronyms in Mommy Parenting Groups Mean


“Hi moms, last night my LO was fussing as he was BF, so I asked DH to take her. My DM also helps during the day seeing as I’m a CS mom. What tips can you give this FTM to make my experience with DD easier? Also, what FP should I use since I don’t want a SB soon? TIA!

Moms, have you ever come across such a post and you somehow got lost in it all? Well, I’m a member of several mommy Facebook groups in Kenya, and there are many abbreviations that moms frequently use such that if you’re unfamiliar with them, you’ll thoroughly float. As I have done many times 🙂 Has that ever happened to you too?

So I’ve compiled a few of these abbreviations to help out any new mom. If I have left out any, please add in the comments section below. Also share with a fellow mom!

LO – Little One

BF – Breastfeeding

BM – Breast milk

EBF – Exclusive Breastfeeding

DH – Dear Husband

BD – Baby Daddy

SO – Significant Other

DW – Dear Wife

DS – Dear Son

DD – Dear Daughter

DM – Domestic Manager (housegirl, house help or nanny)

MIL – Mother-in-Law

FIL – Father-in-Law

DIL – Daughter-in-Law

SIL – Sister-in-Law

BIL – Brother-in-Law

FP – Family Planning

FTM – First Time Mum

CS – Caeserean Section

VBAC – Vaginal Birth After Caeserean Section

PPD – Post Partum Depression

FB – First Born

SB – Second Born

LB – Last Born

TTC – Trying to Conceive

EDD – Expected Due Date

DD – Due Date

CIO – Cry it Out

SAHM – Stay-at-Home-Mom

WAHM – Work-from-Home-Mom

TIA – Thanks in Advance

TBH – To Be Honest

ION – In Other News

NBR – Not Baby Related

VBS – Vocational Bible School

Did I leave any out? You may add in the comments section down below 🙂

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