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Sickle Cell Disease and Pregnancy: My Story


Hello Mummy Tales friends and welcome to today’s post. In case you missed last week’s post, I shared the story of Lillian Mbuthia, who opened up her heart about why she left her marriage. You can catch that video post here. Today, I share the story of Veronica Wafula, 30, who lost her first baby two years ago and is currently pregnant with her second child. Veronica is prayerful and believes she will soon hold her bouncing, healthy baby in her arms.

So what happened with her first baby? This is her story.

“I’ve been married for four years to a very caring and loving husband. I am a sickle cell warrior. I was five months pregnant in 2019 when when I started becoming sick. I was frequently in and out of the hospital and it reached a point I had to be admitted in hospital.

Sickle Cell Disease and Pregnancy

While my pregnancy had no problem, the sickle cell couldn’t stand the pregnancy in my body. My legs would get so swollen to the point I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t feed myself, and my breathing was very difficult. I remember my ribs were failing me as with each breath I would experience such excruciating pain in my chest area. At the hospital, I had to be put on oxygen for two weeks.

Please Kill me, dear Doctors

As I lay there on the hospital bed in pain, I begged the doctors to kill me because it was too much. My husband and brother used to cry a lot. My family and friends were so stressed and I just wanted to rest for the sake of everyone.

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However, thanks to God and doctors at the hospital, I survived and was discharged after staying in the hospital for five weeks.

No Heart Beat

Three weeks later, while at home, I was rushed back to the hospital. There, the doctors told me that my baby had died three days ago in my womb. I was devastated. I was made to understand that it could be that the medications I had been put on while I was admitted in hospital that could have been too strong and had affected baby.

Sadly, I had to be induced and delivered my son. The experience was so painful that I would never wish anyone to go through. He was a lovely baby boy.

Was I scared of getting pregnant after losing my first baby?

No, I was not scared and never will I ever be scared because I have so many friends with sickle cell anaemia and they have children. I always say to my family and doctors if me giving birth is what will kill me, then so be it. I have had people discourage me from getting a baby -including doctors, but I remain positive. I will never lose hope until God gives me children.

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Even though I lost my first baby, I never lost hope and I’m now six months pregnant and I’m positive God is going to give me this baby. I’m taking good care of myself and trusting in God and I won’t give up until I have a baby in my arms.

How is this second pregnancy treating me?

This pregnancy is okay, I haven’t been sick but this time round I’m very careful because as a sickler, I’m aware that I’m easily prone to infections.

I’m also eating a lot of fruits and avoiding too much meat because it drains water in my body -which could lead to dehydration, which is very dangerous. I’m taking more precautions now with this pregnancy.

Advice to other Moms

I would like to tell other women who have lost their babies never to lose hope for God has a reason for everything that happens in our lives. I would also like to encourage them to keep good friends in their lives, and it’s better to have one or two friends who are true to you.” -END

Editor’s Note: For more information on sickle cell disease and pregnancy, read here.

And that’s Veronica’s story. Thank you Veronica for sharing your story, and we pray that God will answer the desires of your heart. What words of encouragement do you have for Veronica? You may share them in the comments section down below. 

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