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My New Fitness Regime


In recent days, I have been doing some serious workouts.

Nowadays, you give Kitty something –he throws it straight to the floor pap! He picks up anything and drops it immediately. He comes across anything on the table –newspapers, pens, headphones….he gives them all a swipe and down they go hurtling or crushing down to the floor. I pick things up and hand them back to him –and he throws them back on the floor. The most notorious object is the TV remote. He enjoys seeing it on the floor. He is allergic to it being anywhere but on the floor. And spoons and cups and plates and toys too. If he’s not banging them together (the remote + the spoons + the cups + the toys), he is sending them down. And when I hand them back to him –even before I have time to blink, the items are back on the floor again.

Initially, I used to think that maybe his grasp wasn’t good enough and that’s why the objects kept dropping onto the floor. But the more I handed them back to him, the more he still threw them down. Then I studied his face and realized that each time he had something in his hand, he intentionally threw it down. He was doing so purposefully. I noticed that he enjoyed seeing what exactly happened to the object when it left his hands -when it hit the ground. If it rolled away, I would see his lips parting ways and forming a smile. If it bounced, he would curiously follow it with his gaze. If it remained fixed on the ground, he would look at it with a stunned look, perhaps wondering what was wrong with it because it was not bouncing or rolling away. Then he would look up at me with a fascinated look that said: “Next item mommy!”

And being the diligent mommy that I am, I always pick the dropped items again and again and again and again….. But the back pains nazo? Eish! I always feel as though my back is snapping each time I pick up after him. And what about my knees from all the bending? That’s just how fit I am.

Each time I pick what he’s dropped, his eyes always seem to be telling me: “Mummy, you’re so cool because I see you’re also enjoying this game!”

Ati game? Really Kitty? And here I am thinking that you’re totally driving me crazy!

But nowadays I’ve gotten used to it and the  pick-up-bend-all-the-time workouts are not as tiring anymore. Infact I don’t even notice the millions of times I do so.

Infact, on the brighter side, atleast he’s giving me the workout –it’s the closest to the gym I’ll ever get (when are they announcing the next call for Slimpossible?). Meanwhile, Kitty let’s continue playing this game. Maybe I am digging it afterall:)

Now Kitty could you please throw that remote as far as you can so that I can pick it up already?



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