Rahab: My experience with house girls has been an overall good one. I have only had two house girls, and the change of the first one was because she was not a live-in and could not stay with me despite her being so amazing with the baby.

Maryanne: What is the one gift you will give to your daughter that you hope she will cherish dearly for the rest of her life?

Rahab: My friendship.


Maryanne: What is your biggest fear as a mother?

Rahab: My baby facing the world all by herself! I hope she will be well equipped by then to deal with life’s up and downs and towards this, I plan to help her get as much knowledge and information as possible. I will also offer her my unwavering support throughout her life.

Maryanne: What is the best motherhood advice you’ve ever received and which you’d like to share with other moms?

Rahab: The advice that I cherish most is that it’s okay to make mistakes even as you continue to learn more about your baby. Many people say that you have to do this or the other, and that you shouldn’t do this or that but ultimately, you have to make decisions that are best for your child.

I’d also like to tell all parents to bond with their children and understand their needs, and be there for them always. This will help them to grow into positive, strong characters.

Rahab with her daughter Nouchka
Rahab with her daughter Nouchka

Maryanne: Anyone special you’d like to thank for helping you through parenthood?

Rahab: Yes, and it is actually two people: my husband for his support and heling me ‘chillax through parenthood’, and also my twin sister Becky for always being there for me.

Maryanne: Thanks Rahab for letting us into your world and for your helpful tips. Best wishes to you and your adorable little girl.

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