Sadly, they informed us that our baby was no more. Meanwhile, the doctor came in as usual at 9.00pm and said that the loss was expected. That survival was either for me or the baby. It was a hard time for us, but I was yet to hear the worst. I was told I had to deliver my dead baby. Imagine my mental agony. I was induced that night but nothing happened. I was induced again at noon the following day, and I labored till midnight. I just remember doing one push and the baby was out. I didn’t get the chance to see her because I fainted after the push. My husband saw her though. We left her in the hospital and went home the following day, empty handed. Preeclampsia had taken the life of our baby. We were devastated.

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The healing process was not easy. I could see the many questions on our neighbor’s faces and other people who knew I was pregnant. The first three days were particularly unbearable. I would wake up, sit on the couch and cry the whole day. No food. No talking. Nothing. I couldn’t stand seeing my phone ring. I blamed everyone for my loss. I blamed my gynaecologist for being ignorant and not paying attention to my blood pressure. I blamed my boss for not giving me days off, I blamed hubby for not understanding what I was going through, I blamed everyone and everything around me. I wanted to be left alone. I just wanted to die. My husband tried to help me, but at some point he had to call my family to come and pick me because he didn’t know what else he could do to assist.


A call I received from my mother one week later changed everything. She told me to wake up from that couch, take my Bible and read it. She said that I was too young to give up on life. I heard her, and started opening up to my husband and pouring my heart out. That began my healing process.

After three months, I conceived again and gave birth to our daughter in December 2015 -the same time I had lost our first daughter. I gave her the same name I had given our first daughter -Princess Sabrina Akinyi. Everything was smooth during her pregnancy and I didn’t experience any blood pressure issues. But I drew closer to God and prayed every day.

Baby Sabrina Akinyi.
Princess Sabrina Akinyi.

I am now pregnant again -17 weeks. So far so good and I am praying for the best. To God be the Glory.

The reason I’m sharing my story is to encourage other women and their partners to have hope. I’d also like to advise pregnant women to stay away from stress, and even more importantly, they should not ignore any unusual swelling or headaches they have. My purpose is also to create awareness on preeclampsia because while it appears to be common, not many women know about it. When I lost my baby, I met other women in the hospital who had lost babies through preeclampsia but no one was talking about it.”

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