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Preeclampsia in Kenya: Doryce Olough’s Story of Losing her Baby to Pre-eclampsia


Pre-eclampsia is a condition that affects pregnant women. Pre-eclampsia is the elevation of blood pressure during pregnancy and which, if untreated, can lead to death of both mother and baby. A young Kenyan mom – Doryce Olough experienced this condition during her first pregnancy and shares her story below:

I had my first pregnancy in 2009. During the last month my face and fingers kept really swelling (my feet had already swelled early in the pregnancy). One day, I went to bed as usual but noticed that my angel wasn’t kicking as she usually did at that time of the night. I didn’t think much of it because earlier on during the day she was very active and kicking all over.

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But a few hours later, at around 2-3 am, I woke up in pain and was rushed to hospital. It was 2 weeks to my due date so I believed my angel was arriving. I even carried my hospital bag. But at the hospital, I was shocked when the nurses told me they couldn’t find my baby’s heartbeat. They then recommended a scan which would be done later on in the morning at around 10 am (I wish the hospital had the scanning facility 24/7).

After doing the scan in the morning, the doctor didn’t say anything but just handed me the results. Funny enough I didn’t look at the results because I could still feel my baby’s kicks – though not powerful.

I went into labor and when the time came, I delivered my beautiful daughter Emma, but sadly, she was already dead. All along, till the very end, I had remained hopeful that all would be well. As though it could not get any worse, I had also lost alot of blood in the process and had to be transfused with 6 pints of blood – which family and friends donated. Talk about labouring in vain! Regardless, I thank God for life.

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God blessed me again with a second pregnancy and this time round, I was very alert and did my research thoroughly which made me realize that it was pre-eclampsia which cost me my daughter. Google became my best friend. I ate well and focused on foods that gave me blood. I also listened keenly to my body and with the slightest swelling I would rush to the hospital.

Even during this pregnancy, my blood pressure (BP) was high that I had to be put on medication. Headaches were the order of the day and was twice put on bed-rest since my BP and the headaches didn’t go down. At 36 weeks, the headaches became unbearable so I was admitted and scheduled for a caesarean section.

My lovely baby boy, my prince Ezra Kibet, was delivered well at 2.3kgs. He was placed in the incubator for a day. Today, he is a beaming and healthy 2.8 year old, and he is proof that God restores what you have lost.

My advice to all women is eat well, be alert, avoid stress… and Do NOT take any chance(s) while pregnant. Always be on toes. I feel relieved sharing this story and do so with the hope that my story can save a mother and a baby.“

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  1. Such a strong and brave woman! Thanks for sharing your story and honoring Emma’s memory. May you and your family continue to be restored. Thanks Mummy Tales for spotlighting this issue!

  2. Thanks Doryce for sharing with us.Apparently i had Pregnancy Induced Hypertension with my first born and had to deliver him through Emergency C-section after normal delivery failed. With my second born who is a few weeks old Pregnancy Induced Hypertension presented itself in trimester1 yet normally am not hypertensive.Had to do drugs for the first 5 months of pregnancy coupled with regular check ups.If well managed…just like you said a mother can bring forth a live baby.

  3. The same robbed me off my little sunshine on 14th June 2013 it is almost a year now and i must say the stats on women losing babies everyday as a result of BP is enormous! This stats aren’t child play, they are shocking truths. Thanks for sharing.

  4. March 19th 2014, my son was born still due to placenta abruption which was as a result of HBP complication. He had already died the day before. I was one week past my due date and went in for induction but we never got to bring him home. No woman should go through this. My heart goes out to all mothers/ families who have lost their baby and had their lives and dreams shattered instantly. These deaths can be avoided and all should be done to help every pregnant woman who is at risk to safely bring their mtoto(s) home. Thanks for sharing


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