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I’ve had People Advice Me to Stop Having (more) Children” -Caroline Nkirote’s Story

Caroline with her family.

Caroline Nkirote-Bongo is a wife and mother of six lovely girls. She is also an Agronomist and Food Safety consultant. She is also a published author and during her free time, she likes to blog on agriculture and her personal life, especially on issues around Christianity, marriage and parenting.

Caroline is also a recording artist and terms music as her first love. She and her family are currently based in Rwanda. On Mummy Tales today, Caroline shares a few of her motherhood experiences, as told to Sylvia Wakhisi.

“My husband George Bongo and I have been blessed with six beautiful girls; Kaylene 16, Melody 13, Nadia 7, Damitta 5, Lakeisha 3 and baby Lyra, who is just 4 months old.

To be honest, every time we realized we were going to have a baby we (including the kids) kept hoping it would be a boy. Not because a boy is special than a girl -to imply that would mean counting myself inferior-but just for different reasons. But each time, when God gave us a girl, we concluded that He had a purpose for us with girls.

I have had people advice me to stop having (more) children. In their minds they think we keep on having more children because we are trying for a boy, but that is not the case. The truth is that the only children I planned to have were my first and third born. The rest were gifts from heaven. We did try to plan but God had the last say. And I love what He planned for us.

Caroline, balancing work and motherhood -literally 🙂

With my first and second child, I preferred not to know the baby’s gender. A surprise would work out just fine. But from my third pregnancy, I wasn’t too sure whether I wanted it as a surprise or not. Naturally, when you have more than one of the same type of sex you usually want the other one. Nevertheless, immediately I got pregnant, especially with my last two daughters, I didn’t want surprises hence I asked God to show me what I was carrying. Knowing their gender helped me to be both psychologically and materially prepared.

I have never had an easy pregnancy. During my first trimester, I am always nauseated and life turns from natural rainbow colour of the sanguine to a dark grey. I am quite irritable and always tired.

I know this sounds crazy but delivery is always fun! The only challenge is that I am always so afraid of labour. Naturally I fear pain. But surprisingly I have been able to deliver all my children via natural birth.

Caroline’s daughter. Too too cute!

My husband is always with me right from labour to birth, and he has been there to see all his kids come to the world. On the 23rd June 2014, nurses and midwives at the hospital were wowed at his strength as he helped me deliver our fifth born Lakeisha who came in a record 8 minutes!

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