Through this project, I have been able to connect with great minds –women mentors –who have been helped me gain insightful, eye-opening experiences.

We have also managed to recruit volunteers; we now have four committed volunteers and I’m sure this will improve the quality of delivery of services during projects, trainings and events.

What challenges have you experienced so far?

Finances largely. I have a plan in mind for the young mothers but due to lack of funds I have not been able to execute them. We sometimes have to charge the young mothers to attend the events we organize, and many times they don’t have the money to pay, yet they need the information we share during these forums. We don’t turn away any young mom though.

A young mom speaks during a Weza Dada forum.

I’m however hoping by introducing trainings and actualizing some income generating activities, we will sustain our projects and activities.

Also, coordinating people with different personalities from different walks of life can be difficult and sometimes I want to give up but my passion for the betterment of young moms keeps me going.

What are your Bigger Plans for Weza Dada Foundation?

I intend for this initiative to grow into an international organization that focuses on girl and women empowerment. I hope to see more women realize better life outcomes financially, emotionally and psychologically.

I hope to see these women in turn become mentors and serve as inspirations to other girls, young women, and young moms.

A young mom shares some of her motherhood experiences with her peers.

Soon, we’ll start outreach programmes for young girls in high schools to enlighten, educate and mentor them on topical issues facing them, and how they can overcome some of the challenges involved.

Parting Shot

Motherhood has taught me that no matter what happens in life, you can shape your destiny. You need to get up, dust yourself and trudge on with your best foot forward. God is the best support system and prayer really goes a long way in helping one overcome their challenges.

The lovely Ivanna Waweru, a young woman keen on empowering girls and fellow young women. This she is doing through her Weza Dada Foundation.

I have found out that there is truth in the statement that ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’. I am one strong young woman who believes that nothing is impossible. I also know that loving yourself is key in achieving your goals. No matter the situation you find yourself in, the sky is the limit; dream, commit yourself and work hard. Find your purpose and live it.

And that is the work that Ivanna is doing with the Weza Dada Foundation initiative. She can be reached on  

If you know of another young woman who is undertaking a women and girl empowerment initiative, then let me know via and I will help tell their story.

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