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How to Care for a Newborn in the First Hours After Delivery


Sometimes, labor comes so unexpectedly, that a woman has no time to get to a health center in good time. So she ends up giving birth either at home or en-route to hospital.

Or sometimes, a health center is not an option for her in the first place, owing to different reasons such as lack of access because the nearest facility is miles away, lack of transport, personal preference (there are women who prefer to give birth with the assistance of Traditional Birth Attendants), and other such reasons. This is pretty common in many of our rural areas.

Now, if you ever come across a woman who intends to give birth at home, or one who has just delivered at home, would you know how to advise her on how best she can take care of her newborn? We all know how delicate newborns can be, and the first hours and days of their lives are very critical. You never know… one day you may just find yourself in such a situation where you need to help such a new mum.

Well, I came across this video and I must say I have learnt alot!!! The video demonstrates the key steps on what one is supposed to do after the delivery of a baby who is born away from a health facility. It covers how to dry the baby immediately after birth, cutting the umbilical cord, the importance of breastfeeding immediately after birth, watching out for the signs that will let you know that all is not well with the newborn, etd. It’s really easy to follow and I like the video’s simplicity and creativity. Here, have a look at it and learn.

How to care for a Newborn – the first hours after delivery from Medical Aid Films on Vimeo.



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