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Helping Your Child Learn While Playing – Educational Toys


Kids love to play. A lot.

Playing is one of the best ways that they make sense of the world and help in their development, and as a parent, it is important to help them engage in play that not only kills their boredom, but also helps challenge them, motivates them, helps them think, engages them, helps them be creative while at the same time pleasing them and making them happy.

The kinds of play they engage in includes fellow children, a good space, a good environment, time, freedom, and helpful materials.

Now, about materials that they can play and learn with, I came across Funtimes Early Childhood Solutions who specialize in these learning materials, and I thought they were quite interesting.

Here, have a look at the Funtimes catalogue that I came across.

Build a Word

Learning to construct words is an essential skill in early learning. This word puzzle engages children in building simple words. It helps in word construction, sounds, concentration, hand-eye coordination, fine-motor skills, and reasoning. The picture representations also add some learning value to the game.


Picture reading materials such as picture cards are important for reading readiness. This wooden printed sequence cards helps children learn to sequence events as they observe and describe the details included in each picture card. It helps in reading readiness, sequencing, language and memory skills.

Magnetic Numbers

The magnetic numbers and number operation help the children learn about number recognition and colors, and help sustain their interest as they do so. Children will love to handle the numbers whilst placing them on magnetic surface. 37 numbers and operations included.

Counting Cubes box (100)

Counting Cubes provide learners with ‘hands on’ learning experiences. It can be used for many purposes including: sorting, counting, learning about color, stacking, lacing (included laces) etc. The teacher is free to make use of this product and make learning many concepts fun for the child.

8 Tone Xylophone

The Xylophone is particularly excellent for developing children just beginning to learn music and differentiating sounds. While hitting, the child will also build gross motor skills. It helps in sound recognition, picture reading, reasoning, hand-eye coordination and fine- motor skills.

Smart Starters – Little Movers

Learning about the different forms of transport is enjoyable with this self-correcting puzzle. As the children put together the different puzzles they will enjoy themselves, raising their awareness of the forms of transport they see around them. This helps in environmental awareness, language, reasoning, fine-motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Wire Beads – Farm Farmer

Move the wooden beads, butterflies and flower pieces around the coloured wire maze. It is ideal for the early learners. Colourful Block Set (100pcs)

These classic building blocks are made of high quality wood, painted with bright colours and printed by hand. Blocks are an open ended tool to be used in any classroom to teach an array of concepts such as size, colour, shapes, and so on. They are also an excellent tool in free choice activity, as children play with them to build endless structures.

Smart Starters – Shapes

Depicting popular shapes of things in the environment, this simple puzzle will build shape awareness and help children to recognize and name them. The puzzles help add a challenging and fun dimension to shape learning.

Fishing Game – Numbers

Learning numbers is fun with the finishing game. Children use the magnetic pole included to lift the number or colour of the finish they are instructed to. This will reinforce number recognition, sustaining children’s interest.

Fishing game

ABC Puzzle

Learning about sounds is a crucial element in early learning. This tool will help teachers to teach sounds and their sequence whilst involving the children in sound learning activities.

Memo – Lotto

Matching the picture cards onto the lotto base-boards helps improve visual discrimination and matching skills: important skills in reading readiness. Children learn by naming the different pictures on the lotto boards and talk about them, thus building on their vocabulary. Count to Ten

Number value is a challenging concept for young children. This tool will help to teach and reinforce number values as each number value is matched to its number representation.

Making Flower – Beads

Beads are a popular way of building eye-hand coordination, fine motor skills, and concentration in children. This colourful 180 beads with laces makes beading fun.

They all look nice and colorful, don’t they? I wish I was a kid again!  Incase you’ve seen something interesting for your child, be sure to get something for them, and if you are an ECD teacher, I’m sure these are beneficial to your teaching.

Funtimes Early Childhood Solutions on Facebook

Harambee Avenue, Cargen House

4th floor, room 410

Tel: 0706 532 874 / 0710 854 392

Contact person: David.



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  1. i love the toys and would like know where i can buy them especially numerical,alphabetical and pattern fixing

  2. Hello,
    Thank you for your interest in the toys. You may get them at Cargen House, Harambee avenue. It is at the junction of Moi avenue and Harambee avenue. We are at 4th floor, rm no. 410.
    You could also call 0706 532 874 for any question.
    Thank you



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