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Happy Birthday Zoe!


By now you know baby Zoe, right? I recently wrote about her here in a video where she was taking her first steps.

Well, Zoe turned one year last Saturday and ofcourse, Kitty and I were there to help her eat the cake(s).

This is one of the most cliché statements I always hear, but I’ll say it anyway. “How did one year go by so fast?”

Zoe is the beautiful daughter of my colleague Dolphine or Dol as we call her. Dol and I were pregnant at the same time ~I was just a month ahead of her. It was our first pregnancies so we really used to share our experiences a lot –our joys, our excitement, our fears, our worries ~our journey to motherhood.

Dol and I shared an office, we worked on the same project and we travelled out of town for work-related trips together, most of the time discussing how sleepy, tired and HUNGRY we used to get. Interestingly, whenever we were at a place where there was music, our babies would begin kicking furiously at the same time. Our babies used to talk to each other I tell you.

When we became new moms, we had a lot to share together –all the excitement, the challenges and the joys (and the sleepless nights!). It’s been awesome as Zoe and Kitty continue to achieve milestones together and Dol and I update each other, celebrating each moment. It’s good having a friend and colleague who can totally relate to what I’m going through, and vice versa.

So Zoe does indeed have a special place in Mummy Tales’ heart. I have watched her grow since conception ;) .

Here are some photos of how her birthday went down.











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  1. So baby Zoe is the first child who did not scream on her 1st birthday; this is one strong woman i tell u. Seeing those cakes reminds me how Bubba saw 3 cakes and was like ‘Zoe has 3 cakes? Lakini we shall be given to eat, sindio?’ hahahaha… panic!!!!


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