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Claris Ojwang: We Miss you and with Faith, we Hold on.


When I learnt about Claris’s story via one of the Mama Facebook groups that I’m in, I was deeply moved. Especially because her experience is something that can happen to any woman, to any mom. It could have happened to me. It could have happened to my sister, to my friend, to my colleague. It could have happened to you.

But who is Claris, you ask?

In February this year, Claris Ojwang, 26, was beaming with joy as she and her husband anticipated the birth of their second born. Two weeks to her due date, her husband George accompanied her for an ante-natal visit. Despite her swollen feet, which are characteristic of many pregnancies at that stage, the doctor assured the couple that all was well, though he recommended bed rest for Claris.

But the following day, things went awry. While resting at home, Claris suddenly collapsed and after being rushed to hospital, underwent an emergency CS where her second son, Henry Jude was born. Today, Henry Jude is a bouncing, healthy five month old boy. But sadly, the same cannot be said of his mom. Claris slipped into a coma after the birth of her second born.

Claris had developed pre-eclampsia, a life-threatening pregnancy related condition whose symptoms include high blood pressure, accompanied by protein levels in the urine. Pre-eclampsia usually appears during the second half of pregnancy, and it can be fatal.

Today, Claris continues to fight for her life in the High Dependency Unit (HDU) of Aga Khan Hospital, Nairobi. She has never laid her yes on her son Henry Jude, she has never held him in her arms; he has never suckled from her breasts. Thankfully though, Jude is well taken care of by his father George Ojwang, who has taken to playing the roles of both mom and dad to their two sons – Henry Jude and three-year old Haroun James. All three of them terribly miss the woman in their lives –Claris’s warmth, cheer and laughter. As days go by, they pray and hope that she will recover and return home to them.

Let’s continue praying for Claris’s recovery, and supporting her husband and two boys in any way that we can. So far, she has undergone more than 10 surgeries, and with her hospital bills continuing to soar, George has basically exhausted the family’s savings for these purposes. This, after the insurance company informed him that they would not chip in because his wife’s ailment was pregnancy-related.

So if you’re in a position to help George meet part of the bill, then you’re most welcome to. How can you do so?

There are T-shirts for sale at Ksh 1,200 which can be purchased from the Trendy Mums shop located on the ground floor of Cameo Cinema, Kenyatta Avenue or at the Trendy Mums shop at Remax Shopping Village, Argwings Kodhek rd.

Or you can place your order by calling George on 0721 261 617 or Bernard on 0700 074 448.

You can also MPESA her husband George Ojwang on 0721 261 617

Also note that there will be a fundraising on Tuesday 31 July 2012 at Charter Hall, beginning at 5.30pm.

You can read Clairis’s full story as published in the Daily Nation here.

Wishing Claris a quick recovery.




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  1. By his stripes – we were healed.
    Claris will be up and give a testimony for the Glory and Honor of His name:-)
    will call for a t-shirt

  2. by His stripes we r healed. Claris will be in my prayers till the day she wakes up. May God continue to give strength to the family esp the little innocent souls

  3. My former schoolmate @ Lwak… We are standing in prayers for you even as we raise the money. To God we commit you and family

  4. George be strong and keep looking to God for the strength to go on. My sister suffered the same so I can understand what you are going through. Thank God for the safe delivery of Henry and will pray for Claris.

  5. Please God, we love you so much. please take care of clarita. we still need her around but the babies need her most. kindly listen to our prayers oh lord.

  6. May God bless you all for standing with us during this trying moments.. Clarita will be back home soon and She will personally thank you all for praying for her and supporting her boyz. Peace to you all. You can get your T shirts form Trendy Mums Cameo Cinema ground floor or Tetezzo shop 3rd floor Gilfillian House both on Kenyatta Avenue.

  7. Prayer for Clarisojwang’
    Father, your only Son took upon himself the sufferings and weakness of all mankind ;
    through his passion and cross.
    he taught us how good can be brought out of suffering.
    look upon our Sister CLARISOJWANG who is ill.
    In the midst of and pain, may she be healed both body and soul:
    May she know the consolation promised to to those who suffer and be ful
    ly restored to
    health, through christ our Lord and Saviour. Amen:
    Clarita we love you: know that.


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