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Born at Just 400g, Baby Jeremy Leaves KNH Weighing 3.5kg

Photo credit: Kenyatta National Hospital

I love stories that warm my heart, and today, I’m happy to share the successful story of baby Jeremy 🙂

On 22nd March, 2019, Catherine Joy arrived at Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) bleeding heavily, 22 weeks into pregnancy. The multidisciplinary team led by Dr. Barbara Magoha – Obstetrician, immediately commenced investigations to determine the cause of the bleeding at such early gestation. Dr. Magoha successfuly managed the condition, helping Catherine deliver a pre-term baby on 1st April 2019 at 24 weeks weeks. Baby Jeremy Tubula was born with a birth weight of 400gms.

The team at Kenyatta Prime Care Centre newborn unit, led by Neonatologist Dr. Miriam Karanja took  over the care of baby Jeremy Tubula and  on Wednesday 28 August 2019, he was discharged from hospital weighing 3.5kg.

The KNH CEO Dr. Evanson Kamuri (speaking in the video below) said that baby Jeremy responded well to care and treatment for the five months he was in the newborn unit. He was optimistic that Jeremy would go on to lead a healthy and long life.

In 2011, KNH neonatal specialists successfully nurtured a baby born weighing 400gms, the first case in the history of Kenya. Baby Hope who is a strong and jovial eight-year old girl now was among the guests at the press conference. Baby Jeremy’s parents are happy and expressed their gratitude to God and KNH specialists and nurses who took care of their baby. They are grateful that they finally get to take their baby home to lead a normal life like babies born at full-term. –Source: Kenyatta National Hospital.

Baby Jeremy’s story is so heart-warming. Join me in praying for good health and God’s favor upon the life of baby Jeremy and his family. We also remember in our prayers all other babies who are right now in newborn units and their parents. May God see them through.

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